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Spy Survival Escape Gefängnis

Publisher: Qamar Hussain
Bewertung: Noch nicht bewertet
Preis: Gratis
Kompatibilität: iPhone & iPad

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Do you like prisoner escaping game then try this Spy Survival Escape. Be the smart prisoner and take charge of big mission this time for escaping from the prison of terrorists.

Your whole life will destroy in the imprisonment in a horrible prison kept by terrorist. In this free to play prison escape action adventure game , you have to Break out & escape jail to chase your freedom in your city. You have been sent to a jail prison located outside the city somewhere in the woods / jungle. Security in prison is high alert because its a jail like Alcatraz in the middle of some island. No one have ever survived in the terrorist prison. You are the hero of the nation and got caught by terrorists in a battle for freedom of your country. You know that you do not belong here in dangerous criminals so you have to plan an escape but beware of the corrupt warden who has assigned police sniper shooters, k9 dogs, police security guards, cops , cctv cameras , police patrol cars etc to keep an eye on you. If you want your freedom again then it is the best time for you to plan & break out of this jail. You befriended other criminals & prisoners which helped you in blending in & collecting the information as well as the resources required. Its almost impossible to run away from this high security Alcatraz like jail.

You are in jail among criminals like mafia murderers, robbers and thieves for crime you have never committed. You have spent more than 10 years with horrible criminals and now you have fully learn all escaping tricks. Now become a tricky man and make a super escaping plan from police. In police ASI meeting all senior officers decide to transfer the old prisoners from central jail to island jail from grand city jail. So this is last chance for you to escape and become best prisoner escape survivor of 2018. This spy escape survival prison
game is specially designed for prison escape lover so become a brave hero and dodge police to start your escaping life. The police sniper shooters & polices guards are equipped with modern weapons & guns which means they won’t hesitate to shoot you if you try to run away. It’s not just a jail break it’s a war for survival. You’ll have to move stealthy & use your stealth skills throughout this special mission in order to escape. You will face a lot of shooting bullets during your escape mission so be ready to aim and shoot accurately and swiftly. Get ready to execute your grand prison escape plan by killing the corrupt police men. You are being watched through Cameras and security is all over prsioners. Police is equipped with all sort of modern weapons, guns & they can also call the helicopters for the search of escaped prisoners. So run for your life and start your survival mission.

Your inmates are waiting for you on sea port and police is chasing you in police cars and helicopters. Run fast and fast to save your life because all police cops have authority to shoot the escaping criminal. Fight against enemy until your last breath of life to complete your survival mission. Use your sniper skills to shoot all the police men trying to stop you. This spy survival prison escape game is very interesting and full of fun and adventure. There are different verity of prisons and jails on every level. There are multiple escaping challenges and tasks which are not impossible. There is not only one difficulty there are many difficulties and dangerous so you have to survive throughout the game to complete challenging levels. This game is full of thrill and interesting. So be a brave criminal and show your interpersonal skills.

The game revolve around your escaping skills that how you to dodge the police men to complete your escaping mission. Enjoy incredible map designed to guide for your escaping mission, intuitive controls and 3D environment which will give you real feel of escaper mission. So Download this prisoner escaping game & enjoy nonstop survival escape mission without wifi.

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