Fly4Life - Overcome your Fear of Flying

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--- APP WE LOVE --- St. Louis Post-Dispatch

”The Fly4Life app is here to calm your fears”.
”Whether it’s the first time you’re stepping on a plane or maybe you’re just curious about the view from the cockpit, this is the app for you. It’s particularly tailored to people with a fear of flying though. Concocted with the expertise of a veteran pilot and some savvy tech folks, this app answers all the questions you never had anyone to ask."

--- APP OF THE WEEK --- The Sunday Times

"Fear not, anxious flier. This simple app, written by a pilot, calms the nerves at every stage of your trip, from the departure gate to landing. The "Did you feel/smell/hear/see..?" explanations are spot on, and even the fearless will find the FAQs ("Is an airplane able to land on water?") a useful read."


”Are you terrified of the slightest sound or vibration when you fly?"
”Fly4Life is a simple but clever little app with information that will alleviate your fear of flying. We've tested this app on a person who has a fear of flying who found the app quite calming. The app includes exactly the kind of questions you yourself may have and that you want answers to.”


”Those with fear of flying could benefit from the FAQs and clear and sensible advice on the regulary updated and easy-to-navigate Fly4Life app.”


”Does just the thought of stepping onto a plane make you queasy? There is an app for that! Fly4Life is an new app for people who are afraid of flying. The application is written by experienced airline captain and easy to understand, it’s touts that it is perfect for people who have never flown before or perhaps are interested in what happens during flight.”

Do you have fear of flying? Are you interested in what happens during flight? Have you never flown before?

- Then this is the right app for you!

- Written and developed by experienced captain.

- A link in the app makes it possible for you to send questions directly to the captain.

- Divided into three sections of flight, and a FAQ portion.

There is also a section with some helpful tips on how to prepare for a flight.

- Some facts are repeated several times, just to make them easier for you to find.

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