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I Ching - The Magical Ancient Chinese Divination

Publisher: Rico Company
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Kompatibilität: iPhone & iPad

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Producer: Master Miao You (Graduated in U.S.A with a Master Degree, M.Sc.)

Users can divine the following 13 categories:

 1. Luck
 2. Wish
 3. Love
 4. Marriage
 5. Family
 6. Health
 7. Disease
 8. Business
 9. Investment
 10. Job-hunting
 11. Entrepreneurship
 12. Study
 13. Dispute

None of the people, ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign, doesn’t depend on divination to ask questions, good or ill luck. About what is detailed and comes true, Divination of I Ching (also known as the Book of Changes) is the first and best.

The software program (I Ching Tarot) helps diviner to explore the vast universe, search for the intelligence hidden in it by adopting the intelligence of I Ching, thus make them have good luck, avoid ill luck, gain fortune and absorb happiness, grasp preemptive opportunities in everything, wishful rich and auspicious. The software is easy to study, use, operate and understand within one minute.

I Ching, with thousands of years’ culture, is in the first place of Chinese intelligence with What I Ching shows to people is the vast and rich universe world. Whoever is the ancient emperors, generals or dignitaries, or modern billionaires, busy and successful persons, all take Divination of I Ching as the tool and weapon have good luck, avoid ill luck, gain fortune and absorb happiness and solve problems, making them fill with confidence and grasp opportunity decisively and appropriately, thus turn things round, and master opportunity in everything, plan in hand, wishful, successful and rich and auspicious.

There are 64 symbols that represent many minor parts in the whole universe in I Ching, every symbol represents universe intelligence code in which hides the bad and good luck, richness and poverty in the past, at present and in future. The software program is to help user with self-divination no matter what time it is and where is. The result of divination clearly shows the current situation as well as guides the future status of diviner and how to face and solve the problems.

The divination shall be carried out in person, not others, and then the result will be accurate. The unique design of this software program lies in there is one Taiji circle is rotating when divining, the rotation speed of this Taiji circle is carefully designed, which makes diviner correspond with the sun, the moon, stars and universe as a whole as well as divination be more accurate. The diviner can also feel the positive quantity of magnetic field, which makes his mood calm and happy. Because human body is small universe, only divination in person can correspond with large universe as a whole, making result more accurate. The secret is disguised here for you, then you will become a professional diviner, no need to ask others.

Another special function of the software program is with divination indexes (Rating). For example, divination of luck, there is luck index, divination of investment, there is investment index, deviation of love, there is love index, the highest index is five stars. Therefore, after divination, you can know about the good and ill luck of divination results form divination index except the detailed description of divination result content, make you know about the current status and future more clearly.

When the software program is operated, symbols of I Ching will appear on the background as wall paper which are all most auspicious chosen from 64 symbols in I Ching. When you operate, you can often see them, which can make you luck better.

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