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LoGGo Turtle Graphics

Publisher: Jonathan Edwards
Bewertung: Noch nicht bewertet
Preis: 0.99 USD
Kompatibilität: iPhone & iPad

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LoGGo is a robotic sketchpad and puzzle game. You are in control of a robot turtle. The trail left by the turtle draws pictures and patterns. Press buttons on the control pad to enter commands and programs.

- Complete tutorials to unlock action buttons
- Trace guidelines to recreate puzzle images
- Use the freestyle sketchpad to make your own creations
- Exhibit sketches in your private gallery
- Keep solving puzzles for more challenges. Includes over 100 puzzles and tutorials.

Unleash your programming talent to create new buttons to upgrade the turtle. As you progress, you can produce more intricate graphics with only a few touches.

LoGGo is inspired by vintage computing from the 8-bit era, when computers were simple and fun.

Why LoGGo?

LoGGo is designed to exercise your analytical 'programmer's mind', through understanding patterns and structure.

This goes beyond the foundations of computing. The simple geometry of the turtle's world hints at many mathematical concepts, encouraging experimentation and further learning.

LoGGo is even refreshing as a medium for visual art. Designs that are easy to draw in LoGGo are hard to draw by hand - and vice versa.

Who is LoGGo aimed at?

Anyone can pick up LoGGo and start to draw, especially:

- kids and students taking their first steps with programming
- experienced programmers too
- visual designers and artists
- fans of puzzles and brain-training games, looking for a fresh challenge
- maker clubs, coding camps, schools...
- not least, existing Logo enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes ;-)

How does LoGGo work?

At its core, LoGGo is a self-contained toy computing platform, with one of the simplest programming interfaces imaginable.

There's no code in sight. There's no build/run/test/debug cycle - the turtle follows instructions as they are entered.

Out of the box, the turtle is equipped with a few simple primitive action buttons, to move a step forward or turn to either side.

Then there are just three control flow directives: start recording, stop recording, and ask for the next action.

Together - in theory - this is enough to program any algorithm a computer could follow. Although powerful, it's also safe, as there's no way for a turtle to escape its sandbox and cause harm to the device or network (or the user).

If you make a mistake and lose your turtle in an infinite loop, just undo and try a different approach.

Where does LoGGo come from?

LoGGo is a reframing of the classic Logo turtle graphics systems developed from the late 1960's by Seymour Papert (author of 'Mindstorms: Children, Computers, and Powerful Ideas') and others.

Logo gained ubiquity in 1980's classrooms and homes, along with the rise of the personal computer, as a gateway into the world of programming.

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