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My Town - Complete Doll House Collection 11-20

Bewertung: Noch nicht bewertet
Preis: 20.99 USD
Kompatibilität: iPhone & iPad

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Get all of My Town's latest games with a special discount price with this amazing bundle!
Discover all of my town's great locations. Visit the Grandparents house, take a tour at the museum, have fun playing and learning at our preschool or relax at the hotels pool.
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My Town: Hotel
Did someone say vacation? My Town hotel is packed with fun and exciting activities to play and discover. sleep in all 3 suits, have a buffet dinner, put the kids in the game lounge and make sure your parents are having some sleep time by the pool. My Town : hotel is THE place for an awesome vacation

My Town: Preschool
Who would have thought Preschool was so much fun. With my town preschool you can learn and play at the classroom, play in the school yard, visit the school nurse and even take a nap after lunch time. There is always something to do in My Town: Preschool.

My Town: Grandparents
Let's visit grandpa and grandma's house! Explore dad's old room, check out all the great stuff in the living room, help granddad at the basement, fix the lights and make dinner with grandma. With tons of characters and even a ghost, My Town: Grandparents has it all.

My Town: Cinema
If you ever wanted to become a movie star or simply visit the movies you should defiantly check out my town: Cinema. With tons of costumes, lots of makeup and a stage you can actually do that. Of course you can always just visit the cinema if you want to have some popcorn and watch a great movie.

My Town: Beauty Contest

Beauty contest has arrived to My Town. Get ready for a world filled with beautiful outfits, amazing makeup and an exciting contest like no other. From getting your favorite character on the cover of a magazine to preparing the stage, you can do everything in the new My Town : Beauty Contest. It's your game, your rules, your adventure!

My Town: Cars
Have fun playing and working in your very own Car garage. Fix cars, keep them clean working in the car wash, visit the car dealership to get new cars and keep them fueled at the gas station. If you love cars then our latest My Town: cars is exactly the game for you.

My Town: Fire Station Rescue
Everyone can be a hero and save the day in My Town : Rescue. Play as a fireman or a paramedic.
Receive emergency rescue call in the control room and dispatch your fire truck, ambulance or helicopter to the rescue mission! This game is the perfect addition your My Town collection

My Town: Museum
At My Town's Museum, there is something fun and exciting in every room and something to play with behind every corner. Get your tickets ready and take the grand tour. Awaken the ancient mummies of Egypt, visit our prehistoric exhibition and dig for dinosaur bones, put your armor on and ride your horse in a jousting tournament and even go to space. My Town museum is a both fun and educational.

We design our games allow the child to imagine and create his own unique world and story each time he plays.
With no time limit, scores and power-ups this game is completely stress free.

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> No 3rd party ads
> No In app purchases
> No registration, social or email verification
> Full parental control

We love making children games, If you are running in to purchase issues or if you just want to connect and say hello you can do so here:
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/mytowngames
Twitter - https://twitter.com/mytowngames

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