Nimble Strong - Bartender Game

Publisher: Nimble Strong LLC
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Kompatibilität: iPhone & iPad

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Ridiculously fun video game that teaches you how to mix cocktails. Nimble Strong is endorsed by The New York Times, Polygon, Engadget, and 10,000+ customers.

Nimble Strong: Bartender in Training is one of the most acclaimed iOS games ever created. It's a full-on bartending course that doubles as a video game. It features an interactive curriculum created by a top cocktail educator (Jeffery Lindenmuth) as well as a deep story and fun game play.

Complete the game and you'll:
(1) Learn how to mix 70 of the most influential cocktails ever created
(2) Learn foundational mixology theory
(3) Learn glassware basics, when to shake/stir/muddle, and why egg white is a staple
(4) Develop an intuitive sense of pour counts
(5) **Earn a customized, printable bartender's certificate**
(6) Have a lifelong reference (recipe book)
(7) Have a lifelong practice mode (survival mode)
(8) Open the door to a new career or learn a valuable lifelong skill to show off at parties

You'll have a blast. We've had many customers binge-play the game and complete it in one very long sitting (not recommended!). And because there are multiple story paths, it lends itself well to replay.

Most bartending courses cost $300 or more and don't have Nimble's authorship pedigree or replay-ability.

Here is a small sample of our reviews:

The New York Times:
"My sleeper pick for iPhone...great fun and very educational"Polygon

"Best iOS games for new owners. Essential."

"I honestly felt more educated at the end, and how many games can you say that about? 4.5 / 5 stars."

GamePro Magazine
"Surprises with its ability to educate as well as entertain"

"It is quite literally a bartending school in game form, and the writing is just as brilliant as the touch-based gameplay and the fantastic art...My favorite iPhone game of 2010"

Boing Boing
"A video game to teach a specific skill with a good balance between twitch, recall, and narrative."

Buttonless Print Book
Featured as one of 60 'incredible' iPhone games

App Store 4-Star Rating
Apple Noteworthy. 10,000+ happy customers!

Get started on learning a valuable and new lifelong skill! Buy Nimble Strong: Bartender in Training today!

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