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Publisher: Antonis Tsikandilakis
Preis: 6.99 USD
Kompatibilität: iPhone & iPad

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PitchBop is a melodic ear training app designed to help you improve the connection between your ear and your instrument by directly linking the level of skill to the accuracy of your performance.


Unlike most ear training apps where you answer by tapping on a screen without addressing the rhythmic aspect of what you hear, PitchBop offers a performance-like scenario where you listen and actually play your instrument or use your voice.

Using the 'Call and Response' model, Dr. Bop, the resident jazz cat of PitchBop, plays a short phrase for you to listen to and allows you the same amount of time to repeat the phrase back to him to evaluate the accuracy of your performance.


Behind the simple interface, there is a complex algorithm based on AI which creates endless melodies and adjusts the difficulty according to your progress.

Using the 'Call and Response' model, Dr. Bop plays a short phrase for you to listen to and allows you the same amount of time to repeat the phrase back to him to evaluate the accuracy of your performance. Once the session is complete, you receive feedback on how well you did, and the difficulty level is set based on your performance so you can focus on playing without needing to worry about adjusting the settings.


+ Pitch Complexity

PitchBop creates calls with varying levels of pitch complexity on a scale of 1 to 9. Use this slider to set the complexity level.

+ Rhythmic Complexity

Use this slider to set the rhythmic complexity level between 1 and 9.

+ Choose Your Instrument

Tap the instrument name to see a list of instrument choices, then tap the name of your instrument to automatically set your available range. PitchBop can be used with a wide variety of instruments, including your voice.

+ Metronome Settings

Set the metronome volume and choose if you want it to give you all four beats, one and three, two and four, or whichever combination of beats you prefer.

+ Profile Tab

Visit the Profile Tab to study your progress. This information is only stored for Dr. Bop’s Game, however, not for Practice Mode.

Additional details can be found by tapping the up and down arrows next to “Scale” to select the various scale and harmony types PitchBop uses for the calls and it will report the success rate and the Pitch and Rhythmic Complexity in your most recent “Call-and-Response” session.

+ Practice Mode settings

Pitch Complexity
Rhythmic Complexity
Always start on root on/off
Number of calls per session
Chromatic notes on/off


1. Pay attention to the octave

Your response must be in the same octave as Dr.Bop’s Call in order for it to be registered accurately. If it isn’t, even if the note is correct, you will see a lower score due to the incorrect octave.

Example: For level 1 (when both sliders are all the way to the left) the starting note for the piano is C4 (the middle C). For the guitar, it is C4 as well (first fret on the B string or 5th fret on the G string)

2. Pay attention to the rhythm

While the app may be called PitchBop, rhythm is still a big part of the game. Users should make sure to pay attention to the rhythm and try to be as accurate as they can in matching it. Responses played out of rhythm will lower your score.

If the Calls feel a little too challenging, you can move the sliders all the way to the left and try starting from there. If this still feels like more than you’re comfortable with for now, you also have the option to go to the “more” tab and adjust the range to be as narrow as an octave.

3. Bluetooth and external devices

Due to the diverse and often unpredictable nature of external devices, PitchBop is designed to use the device’s microphone and speaker.
Bluetooth compatibility, however, will be addressed in a future update.

For any other questions please contact us at

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