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Roda Impian - Musim Hari Raya

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Kompatibilität: iPhone & iPad

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The creation of Roda Impian is to train your knowledge of words and phrases in Malay in a more exciting way. This game works like a mind power trainer which will make you addicted and fun to play. Your luck and victory are solely depend on the spinning of the wheel and your intelligence to guess the letters or words and phrases in Malay.

Download Roda Impian application this Muslim Hari Raya! This application (app) comes with simple steps and instructions. You can spin the wheel to get a reward in the form of prize money or the bankruptcy shield. If you are unlucky, you will lose the prize money, a turn to spin the wheel or bankrupt.

The prize money collected can be used to unlock another category that is divided into five levels which are Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert and Pro. Can you solve all the words and expressions in this game? Accept the challenge, play with friends or family during the festive season. This application can certainly impresses and entertains you during this Hari Raya 'gathering' with your loved ones.

How to play the Wheel of Fortune - Hari Raya season's English Version:
1 Download and open the application
2 Select the log in as a guest or through your Facebook account
3 Select the category you want to challenge
4 At the beginning of the game, only “animals” category is available to play
5 Try to complete the word or phrase given
6 Get at least 5000 money reward in this game and unlock other categories
7 Spin the wheel to test your luck and unlock other categories by using the coins that were collected
8 The higher the difficulty level of the game, the more challenging and entertaining it is
9 You will only get bankrupt shield in the 'PRO' category
10 Do not forget to get your daily bonus for free

Tips to increase enjoyment while playing: -
- Starting with the selection of vocal to help you
- Maximize the time allotted 30 seconds to guess the word or phrase
- Although sometimes you can guess certain letters or words, you can still take the risk of not completing the quiz immediately instead make the spin again to earn more prize money. But remember! You may have the chance of missing or bankruptcy too!

Key features:
- No registration required
- Choice log in as 'Guest' or through a Facebook account
- Start with the category of animals for FREE
- Player can continue to play and unlock any locked categories according to their own choice without following sequentially with prize money
- Given the choice of sharing the 'victory' to Social Media such as Facebook and allow to pick up a friend (invite friends) - only when you click an approval button.
- A total of 15 categories to choose from (application and answer in Malay)
1. Animal (Haiwan)
2. Fruits (Buah-buahan)
3. Stationery (Alat tulis)
4. Occupation (Pekerjaan)
5. Country (Negara)
6. Plant (Tumbuh-tumbuhan)
7. Person (Orang)
8. Brand (Jenama)
9. Household (Isi Rumah)
10. Phrases (Ungkapan)
11. Movies (Filem)
12. Song (Lagu)
13. Events (Peristiwa)
14. Web of Words (Rangkai Kata)
15. Landmark (Mercu Tanda)

- FREE daily bonus every day
- FREE bankrupt shield in the quiz category 'PRO'

Download applications Roda Impian – Perkataan dan Ungkapan in Malay version during this Hari Raya season! Enjoy the fun with friends. This application is FREE of charge and is suitable for the player in general, all races / nationalities, all ages, including kids / children; or you can introduce this game to your friends who are interested in learning Malay. Anyone who can solve all of the quizzes and categories in this game, of course, his English level can be improved and vocabulary in this language can be expanded.

Let's play! Spin and get the big bucks!

hari raya hari roda raya teka wheel of fortune

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