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Sproutfy is an education technology platform that drives student excellence.

Sproutfy is an education technology platform that helps schools automate and simplify their complex management activities enabling them to focus on student excellence. Sproutfy’s innovative technology fosters enhanced collaborative learning and directly affects the quality of education offered by institutions utilizing our technology.
Sproutfy’s aim is to catalyse change in educational institutions in Sub Saharan Africa, insofar we positively impact future generations.
Understanding the idiosyncratic needs of the Sub-Saharan education market formed the foundation of Sproutfy’s system architecture and design; this led to the creation of a unique, easy to use, mobile centric management and communication app. Sproutfy’s holistic system simplifies and supports multiple aspects of the education system.
Teachers’ inability to provide adequate attention to each child, resulting in delayed action to address and resolve any key developmental and behavioral challenges; Children do not get the requisite help they need and therefore do not achieve their full potential. This paradigm highlighted the factors creating poor learning environments - the need to understand the efficacy of different teaching strategies and the importance of time as a resource. Our platform provides teachers with a single forum to manage all their learning functions easily; ensuring teachers’ spend their time on high-quality instructional activities. The use of data from our application allows educators to organise and improve school and classroom practices to raise students’ achievements. The continuous use of our platform provides actionable data on an on-going basis, linking student achievement to classroom practices thus providing a medium for the diffusion of new ideas and practices. Our application makes learning outcomes more transparent and increases teachers’ accountability. Sproutfy’s technology creates a balanced scorecard to examine progress of key indicators from student academic performance, attendance, discipline, among others.
Limited resources pose an additional challenge for schools. Our cost saving application enables schools to record, track and disseminate a vast array of information on a single platform, significantly reducing schools printing costs. The centralised data provides increased oversight into resource use and management. This multitude of data provides schools with increased analytical capacity for decision-making. School leadership teams can diagnose problems and implement a set of actions to improve a variety of situations, utilising resources more efficiently. Additionally, our in app school fees payment platform increases schools collection and oversight, supporting their fee management processes.
Sproutfy’s comprehensive communication tools are impacting future generations through increased parental involvement; ensuing professional responsibilities, and busy lifestyles affect parental involvement. Sproutfy parents are able to manage and communicate information pertinent to their children from their phone; increased parental involvement results in higher grades, more completed homework, better attendance, and more positive attitudes and behaviors. Current school practices include a dairy and ofttimes bulk sms. These poor forms of communication are limiting in substance, have a low responsiveness rate, resulting in delayed action. Our rich text, multimedia supported instant communication channels reform school, teachers and parents’ interactions.

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