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Talking Parrot Pet

Publisher: Ivan Vaskovic
Bewertung: Noch nicht bewertet
Preis: Gratis mit In-App-Käufen
Kompatibilität: iPhone & iPad

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We all know that parrots love to talk and to be in the center of attention! They have no problem being the life of the party and they love entertaining everyone. Whether they mimic human speech or sing, they are adorable in everything they do. Get ready for the most amazing adventure in your life and take care of the coolest hero! Download free Talking Parrot game app on your smartphone and meet your cute virtual pet, who lives in the jungle. You will navigate him through everyday activities, and play mini games with the colorful parrot to collect more coins so that you can unlock the other rooms! Within the Talking Parrot game you are offered the chance to buy coins and thus unlock so many fantastic things for fun. Choose whether you want five hundred, one thousand and five hundred, or three thousand coins. For only three hundred you can get another instrument for your friend. A completely new room will be opened for just one thousand, and you can only imagine what you could have with three thousand coins.
Your new virtual pet is always up for some fun, so do not forget to play with him on the playground! The ball is his favorite toy and he loves jumping on a trampoline! See liana and jungle boy will surprise you. He is very agile and good jumper. Take your virtual pet to the gym, he has a treadmill where he can run or walk. Give him weights and watch him exercise and brings into shape. Staying fit and regularly training are top priorities for this little parrot! The best talking game is perfect for kids of all ages, so do not hesitate and download it on your iPhone™ or iPad™ free of charge. The cute little parrot can dance, and he will show you some of his moves! You can tickle and slap him for fun, and see his reactions. He lives in a big house which has many wonderful rooms with interesting items. Come into his living room, open the drawer and kites will fly and colorful fireworks will delight you. You can tap the table to see the caveman who is hiding there! Tap the crazy monkey behind the window and see what happens. He is swinging on a tree branch and trying to attract your attention. Do you know that your little hero has musical talent? You will enjoy the music he performs on a harp. He also has a whistle, so get ready for a good time with your cute pet. The parrot has a bedroom where he can sleep and a cool party whistle wakes him up in the morning. He owns a bathroom where he can take a bath and brush his teeth and prepare for a new day. You and the parrot will have so much fun together. Help your colorful bird to collect coins and to unlock every room. Play fantastic mini games and jump into the best adventure together. In Jumpy Parrot help your friend cross all platforms and try to achieve the maximum height. In Parrot Smash just take a hammer and hit this birds as soon as you see them come out of the pit. Enjoy playing Parrot Jump, just tap the platform that you want your hero to jump. With this latest game, you will be able to take care of your favorite virtual pet. You can talk to the parrot, he will listen very carefully and later he will be able to repeat your exact same words.
How to play Talking Parrot game app:
Play mini games to collect more coins
Talk to the parrot and he will repeat your words
Take the parrot to the gym
Have fun with him on the playground and make sure he gets some sleep
Tickle and slap the parrot for fun
Share with your friends and let them know about the newest virtual parrot. This popular game is perfect for boys and girls of all ages, it is entertaining to have this little virtual pet! The latest talking game is easy to play, so do not hesitate and install the top application, everyone will enjoy having fun with your cute bird.

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