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Are you a single parent overwhelmed with proving your child custody case, or keeping tracking of all your time and money spent on your children, fearing some day you may be taken to court?  

With all the pressures with work, home, and kids, it easy to lose track of your parenting time and money you have spent on your children.  

We, single parents, know you have the best intentions for your children and all the work you do for them is the most important job you will ever do.  

Its not that you are not lazy, selfish, or don't care, you are just a parent with the hardest job you have to do all by yourself.  

Being divorced with kids is difficult for most people and feeling overwhelmed isn't your fault and your not alone.

The fear of being taken to child custody court by your ex is a real worry but it doesn't have to be.  Now TheGoLog app is here to help.

TheGoLog app was made by single parents for single parents, whether you have major custody or minor custody of your children.  

This app a great tool for parents just like you.  Helping you take the worry away by keeping track of your time and money spent on your children!  

This simple and easy to use app is an essential tool any single parent, in a child custody, who wants to have a peace of mind.

Thousands have downloaded it and use it everyday to keep track of payments sent or received, how much time you spent with your children and keep track of all the cost it takes to raise your children.

It even have a custom PDF reporting in a easy to read PDF format.  

If you have to go to court and fill out paper work, this app makes it a breeze and gives you all the data including pictures of receipts checks, etc...  Get your peace of mind back and get the app for only $2.99, less than 1 cup of coffee.

TheGoLog App is designed to help single parents take the guesswork out of keeping track of the time and money spent in caring for their children.

Providing accurate and easy-to-read reports for CPAs, Attorneys, and Child Support Case Workers has never been easier.

App Features Include:

- Events and Calendars
- Add Notes and Photos
- Child Custody Tracking
- Support Payment Tracking
- Expense Tracking (Activities, Medical, School,
Daycare, and Miscellaneous)
- Store Proof of Payment/Receipts
- Custom iCloud enabled PDF Reporting(In-App Purchase)

You no longer have to waste hours of time going through old receipts and scattered notes, to reconstruct timelines and compile a legible report for your case.

TheGoLog keeps track of all the important details for you and generates the reports you need in seconds -- so you can spend time on what really matters!

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