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Türkisch Video-Wörterbuch - Lerne und spreche mit Video

Preis: 2.99 USD
Kompatibilität: iPhone & iPad

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If you take a quick look at it, the Turkish Pretati language app may appear as a light, fun and easy way to learn Turkish, just like an authentic Turkish hamam is, simple yet so effective; which is perfect, we think! With an inbuilt Turkish Dictionary to offer ‘snap of your finger’ translation of all the Turkish you will ever need in Istanbul everyday! To help the traveller, the businessman, the artist, the scholar or the industrialist in you, find the perfect lokum (Turkish Delight), simply by learning to speak the Turkish language. Turkish Pretati is an intuitive language translation app utilizing voice and video lessons to help you make quick work of learning the essential and every day used Turkish words and phrases. The Turkish Pretati language app teaches you over 500 important Turkish phrases and words so that you can express the courtesy and awe to your extremely hospitable hosts in nothing but Turkish!

For each such phrase, there is video of a Turkish native speaker clearly pronouncing every word, so that you can grasp and speak the language, almost as well as if it was spoken by someone who knew Turkish as well as the Turks themselves! For you to have meaningful conversations, the phrases are grouped into categories for the most common travel situations including Getting Around, Eating & Drinking, Health, Problems, Numbers, Time and Date, Meeting People, Shopping and Money. Other great features of the Turkish Pretati app include the ability to playback each phrase in slow mode, mark favorites for quick reference and even copy the phrase to send via SMS or email to your friends! Turkish Pretati, apart from being a traveller’s best friend can also double up as a great learning tool for those who desire to start learning the basics of the Turkish language in an easy, fast and fun way.

The app works completely offline so no need to worry about expensive international data costs or searching for an open WIFI network. See how it frees up your time so you can enjoy a Turkish Barbecue or even one of the many dizi (Turkish Soap Opera)!

Turkish Pretati Features
- Over 500 must- know Turkish words and phrases for you to navigate the busy streets or the ancient avenues of Istanbul, or simply converse in the Turkish language

- High quality VIDEO and AUDIO for every word and phrase recorded by Turkish NATIVE SPEAKERS

- Quick SEARCH of all words and phrases so you don’t have to spend time looking for what you need

- Build your FAVORITES list to quickly access the Turkish phrases you want to learn or translate

- Audio is perfect for headphones or over your iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad speakers

- WORKS OFFLINE so you don't need to be connected to the Internet and pay international roaming charges when travelling

- Share the video or the phrase via SMS, email or social media

- SLOW PLAY feature allows you to hear the phrase slowly and clearly to help you get a better grasp of what is being spoken

- High definition graphics optimized for retina display

- A variety of CATEGORIES for every situation like Getting Around, Eating & Drinking, Health, Problems, Numbers, Time and Date, Meeting People, Shopping and Money – this is the perfect Turkish travel dictionary app around


Some users have complained about the sound not playing. Please check to see that the RINGER is set to ON (device should not be on Mute) and press the '+' key on the iPhone/iPad to increase the volume.

We would love to hear from you to improve the app and answer any questions you might have. Please CONTACT US on our website at www.pretati.com

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