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WiFi Passwords Audit

Publisher: iWazowski.com
Bewertung: Noch nicht bewertet
Preis: 0.99 USD mit In-App-Käufen
Kompatibilität: iPhone & iPad

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Wellcome to WiFi Passwords Audit, we are glad to introduce WodSpots to the community, the first Crowd WiFi Sharing app that will give you maximum control for your WiFi connections.

STAY SECURE WITH WiFi Passwords Audit

Have you ever forgotten a password? do you want to keep in mind a lot of passwords for a lot of sites or other stuff?

WiFi Passwords Audit can remember or generate them all for you and keep them secured behind your Master Password.

In order to get the best experience and best performance of WiFi Passwords Audit you can buy the STDictionaries to calculate the best wifi passwords that fits your security requirements. There are dictionaries from 2005 to 2016.

You remember your Master Password and WiFi Passwords Audit will remember the rest. In a easy and simply way. Just remember one password, or the generation passphrase, and WiFi Passwords Audit will give you all the rest.

No new app, but new concept! WiFi Passwords Audit will satisfy all the old expectations, and brings a lot of new ones!

Every day there are new passwords to remember. They are often forgotten. Using weak passwords or re-using them makes it easy to remember, but criminals love it when you do this. WiFi Passwords Audit tries to solve all these problems.

- Generate strong, unique passwords for every site, from 1 master passphrase.

- All stored data or files use standard iOS libraries to ensure no security gaps or backdoors


With WiFi Passwords Audit you can create or calculate passwords for all your needs, you can choose between create a manual record typing your data manually, or you can choose a robot in order to calculate the best password for you. Easy, isn't it?


Now, there dictionaries from 2005 up to 2016, you can install one, some or all of them, you have to keep in mind that dictionaries will improve the performance of WiFi Passwords Audit.


This is WiFi Passwords Audit new feature. With the Collaborative WiFi Map you will be able to see and share Free WiFi hotspots with other community members.


What is a WodSpot? We think that every WiFi owner can manage its connection like they want. With WodSpots you will be able to manage your internet access and share your WiFi connection with anyone you want. At this moment, you can pay a fix fee to access every WodSpot in your city. But this is a start point, WodSpots will bring much more.

DATA FOR WiFi Passwords Audit

WiFi map at first run is empty, you have to visit 'Data' tab and unlock WodSpots or download the free WiFi hotspots database for your location. You will see a world map where you can select your country and download WiFi Passwords Audit database.


At this moment 'Profile' is not mandatory, but in a short time, it will be a very important part of the app, and very important for WodSpots community.

YOUR WiFi Passwords Audit App

- Runs on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch
- Requires iOS 8 or higher to take advantage of the awesome new features
- Purchase once and use across all your iOS devices
- Get advantage purchasing access to historical dictionaries
- No subscription or other fees at this moment, WodSpots may change in a future.

Next version will bring:

- Available in other languages.
- New Robots.

And many more...

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