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Bill free - Perfekte Rechnungen in einfach

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It doesn't get any easier … just three simple steps to your perfect invoice.

1. Create Invoice
2. Add Items
3. Print Invoice

Bill free comes with templates for invoices, design and design selection improvements, and support for the latest version of OS X. If you decide to use the full version of Bill 2 one day all your invoices and all your settings can be automatically imported with just one click…

*** What is Bill? ***

Bill is an invoicing App! And an invoicing App only! Because the others ones with built-in client management, time tracker, and coffee maker are available by the dozen. If you’re looking for a versatile and simple application to easily create awesome looking invoices in a blink – Bill is your App! And it works for any business, for any language, and for you as well!

*** Who can use Bill? ***

Everyone with the need for a simple (in the positive meaning of the word), fast, uncluttered, easy to use and highly customizable invoicing application.

*** For which languages does Bill work? ***

For every one possible! Even though the GUI is currently in English or German, Bill will work for every language. Yes, even for right to left languages. It even comes out of the box with a RTL template . You don't have to customize a template in order to write/send/print invoices in your language. All you need to do is to provide words like 'Invoice' or 'Due Date' in your own language should Bill not support it right out of the box. That is done in less than a minute.

*** For which tax systems does Bill work? ***

For every one possible! Bill supports up to three taxes, two of them can even be compounded and it comes out of the box with templates for all tax systems. Since you can customize every little detail of such templates to your needs very easily, Bill works around the globe.

*** What, if I don't like the templates that come with Bill? ***

That's not a problem. Just easily create your own. Again: You can customize every little detail of such templates to your needs.

*** Is it really that simple? ***

Yes. Just follow these three steps:

1. Create Invoice
An invoice consists of three parts:
Client Information | Invoice Information | Items, Shipping, Discount, Amount
You can also create quotes. Quotes can be converted into invoices.

2. Add Items
Bill remembers recent items. This means you don't have to re-type them all the time; instead you can add them with just one click. Items can consist of a title, a subtitle, the base amount, the quantity, the possible taxes and an optional SKU number.

3. Print Invoice
Or directly create a PDF file, or even better, directly send them as email attachments. And since you can allow Bill access to the Mac OS X Contacts.app, it already knows your clients email address. And yes, you can re-print and resend an invoice at any time.


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