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Course for Logic Pro X - Create Your First Project

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Learn Apple’s Logic Pro X from sflogicninja David Earl! Get up and running fast as he takes you from first note to final mix – explaining every detail – and helping you create you 1st Logic Pro X project!

David Earl is one of the most popular Logic trainers in the world. That’s why we selected him to design this first course in our Logic Pro X Core Training series. This initial course will demystify Logic Pro X while, at the same time, introduce you to all of Logic’s main features. It takes you on a complete production journey getting you comfortable with the LPX interface, main production tools, and workflow.

You start out with an empty project and—by following along with David’s expert step by step instruction—you quickly see a Logic project come to life. In the process you learn all about Logic’s “best practices” in organizing, creating and producing a project.

This course covers all the essentials:
• Setup
• Loops and the Loop Browser
• MIDI Recording
• Audio Recording
• Editing MIDI and Audio
• Flexing Time and Pitch
• Mixing/Automation
• Bouncing and Sharing

So dive into Logic Pro X with David Earl and get up and running in Logic Pro X faster than you ever thought possible!

Check all of our ever-expanding selection of Core and Advanced Logic training courses. We've the world’s largest library of Logic courses all led by industry pros and Apple Certified Trainers, so explore every aspect of Logic Pro X right here, right now!

Table of contents:

1. Using Apple Loops
2. Green Apple Loops
3. Drummer
4. Basic editing
5. Mixing
6. Bouncing & Saving
7. Finding and Auditioning
8. Saving a Project
9. Section 1 Review
10. Exploring Logic's GUI
11. Exploring the GUI Library
12. Audio MIDI Setup
13. Section 2 Review
14. Creating a New MIDI Track
15. About MIDI THRU
16. Take Folders
17. Join Regions with Cycle Record
18. Create Tracks with Cycle Record
19. Section 3 Review
20. Track Setup for Audio Recording
21. Save and Record
22. Audio Preferences
23. Setting the Sample Rate
24. Audio Take Folders
25. The Project Audio Window
26. Section 4 Review
27. Using Hot Corners & Loops
28. The Inspector
29. A Look at the Main Tools
30. The Audio Editor
31. Editing MIDI
32. Section 5 Review
33. Flex Pitch
34. Flex Time
35. Drummer
36. Section 6 Review
37. Setting Levels
38. Adding Compression & EQ
39. Using Busses
40. Bouncing your Mix
41. Conclusion
42. Section 7 Review

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