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Create beautiful, structured diagrams. As fast as you think.

Increase understanding of your structures and processes by visualizing them with Diagrams, the brand new diagram editor for Mac! Its clean interface eliminates distractions, and thanks to the handcrafted visual style and streamlined workflows, it allows you to produce powerful diagrams as fast as you think.

Unlike generic vector graphics tools, Diagrams is optimized for seamless work with structured diagrams consisting of elements and relationships. Leverage the unique layout features like grid and infinite canvas to ensure an ideal diagram arrangement. The default palette with various element shapes covers common use cases and gets you started quickly. No more fiddling around with alignments and styling.

Diagrams’ UI and functions are seamlessly aligned with other system apps, which immensely reduces the learning time. It’s so simple to dive right in and start off drawing your diagram. Once you finish it, easily export it as a PDF document or an image and share it with your colleagues or integrate it into other apps from your toolset.

No matter whether you’re a software developer modeling architecture, a business consultant outlining business processes, or a project manager describing a customer journey, you’ll benefit from having the right tool at hand in your desktop environment.


Software Development
• Software architecture design
• Code and system documentation
• Description of classes, components, networks, states, UI flows, and more
• Dependency visualization
• Ensuring common understanding within development teams
• Exploration of solution spaces

Business & Project Management
• Modeling business processes
• Visualization of organizational structures
• Depiction of customer journey and product life cycles
• Requirements and feature analysis
• Presenting strategic plans in project meetings
• Visualization of links, interactions, and flows

• Express structures for any purpose
• Visualization of hierarchies
• Brainstorming ideas and mind mapping
• Planning and organization
• Capturing recurring workflows


• Easy to get started
• Clean, distraction-free interface
• Powerful canvas interaction
• Smart grid layout
• Infinite canvas
• Graph structure (elements and relationships)
• Palette with various shapes
• PNG and PDF exporting


Please visit our website at https://diagrams.app for more information. You can also reach us by email at support@diagrams.app or on Twitter @diagramsapp.

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