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A perfect 3D modeling companion.

IMP is a polygon and subdivision 3D modeling tool dedicated to the Mac OS X platform. It offers a comprehensive set of interactive tools that make the creation, transformation and editing of 3D models fun and easy. IMP has the ability to quickly switch between polygonal modeling and smooth organic subdivision surfaces which makes it a great starting point to quickly transform ideas into 3D models.

Organic like modeling with smooth subdivision surfaces.

At the core, IMP utilizes an advanced subdivision surface engine based on the popular Catmull-Clark technique. Subdivision surfaces are polygon surfaces generated through an iterative process that smooths the mesh while increasing its density. Complex smooth surfaces can be derived in a reasonably predictable way from relatively simple objects. Subdivision surface modeling is the most common modeling technique used today because of the ability to control a high resolution organic looking model by a coarse low polygon object.

Intuitive, interactive and fully customizable tools.

IMP is equipped with a variety of familiar tools. Tools are used to create, deform or extend the geometry or surface of a model. Most of the tools can be applied interactively with the mouse or with more precision and options through the numeric editor panel. For example, tools that create geometric primitives have additional options in the numeric editor in order to control the number of segments or sides which is very useful for box modeling.

Easy material creation and control along with powerful texture mapping and mesh unwrapping.

IMP makes it effortless to create, assign and edit materials. Each material can be manipulated interactively while there are up to four channels where textures can be applied. Every mesh can be unwrapped with an intelligent LSCM/ABF++ mesh parameterization engine. The UV coordinates can be manipulated through the UV viewport with common tools such as move, rotate and scale. Quickly select edges where you would want seams to occur and let the internal unwrapper create a two dimensional representation of your model where textures can be easily applied.

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