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Gather and analyze data on surrounding wireless networks, see the realistic WiFi coverage, create surveys, visualize data and fix problems with wireless connection.

Setting up a reliable, smoothly operating WiFi network is a must, not always easy, however. Possible obstructions in the way of getting a steady signal can include interference from already existing networks in the area, noise from electronic devices, etc. While you can experiment until you find the optimal positioning for your access points, there is a faster and more effective solution: NetSpot Home WiFi scanner!

NetSpot Home WiFi analyzer makes gathering details and analyzing collected data as effortless as can be: detect WiFi networks around, determine wireless signal strength, identify possible WiFi interference. NetSpot Home WiFi scanner and analyzer app offers different visualizations and has reporting capabilities.

The following WiFi heatmap visualizations are rather comprehensive and helpful:

* Signal-to-noise ratio
* Signal level
* Signal-to-interference ratio
* Troubleshooting


* Supports 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac WiFi standards as well as 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands
* Can simultaneously visualize 5 access points
* Offers 2 zones per project, 2 snapshots per zone, 50 data points per heatmap
* Allows grouping APs by SSID
* Full-featured Discover mode with data export
* Allows managing access points with custom aliases
* Not only does it detect problematic areas in your coverage, but also recommends ways of improving things
* Fast wireless data analysis that even novices will find easy to perform and understand


* Refining your wireless network performance
* Trying to reduce time and costs of WiFi maintenance
* Looking for signal leakages
* Resolving channel conflict
* Expanding the WiFi site
* Preventing excessive signal level outside of the desired area
* Monitoring WiFi and ensuring proper access control
* Analyzing the coverage of neighboring networks

*** Unlock the full NetSpot potential with PRO features to get the most of your WiFi. ***


* 50 zones per project, 50 snapshots per zone, 500 data points per heatmap
* 16 comprehensive visualizations
* Simultaneous visualization of an unlimited number of APs
* Super-flexible AP grouping by SSID, channel, etc., as well as custom group creation
* Advanced customizable export of your survey projects
* Management of access points with custom aliases
* Active wireless site survey with download and upload speeds of the WiFi network you are connected to
* Detection and scan of hidden wireless networks
* Automatic survey saving that can be configured up to your needs

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