O2Swift - Objective-C to Swift automatic source code translator

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Swift is here and it's the future!
Swift code is more maintainable and "safer" than Objective-C. If you're a serious app developer you know you need to upgrade your apps to the Swift language or risk being left behind.

O2Swift automatically translates old Objective-C source code to Swift. It automates around ~95% of work when converting to the new Swift programming language. O2Swift can save you WEEKS of effort when converting Objective-C to Swift for significant projects!

WARNING: You may need to spend some time to customize and optimize the conversion settings for your project. Some code blocks may require manual conversion. You should test every function of your converted code to make sure it works as expected. That said, we know the tool drastically reduces the time required for upgrading to Swift!

The tool is highly sophisticated and customizable. You can customize type mappings from Objective-C to Swift as well as method mappings with an easy to use template system. Conversion is super fast is run directly on your Mac.

Here are some of the translator features...
-Translates Implementations/Interfaces to Classes
-Translates Protocols to Interfaces
-Translates @property to Swift properties
-Translates frameworks like Foundation, UIKit, Quartz and others with correct method mappings and constants mappings.
-Handles Optional "?" types with sophisticated type inference.
-Converts init methods to constructors
-Supports NSDictionary and NSArray @{... : ...} and @[...] literals.
-Preserves formatting and comments inside your methods.
-Converts blocks to Swift closures equivalents
-Gathers type information from user specified header files to improve conversion.
-Allows manual customization of generated code using @Converted, @Ported and @Porting annotations.
-Supports code using ARC or manual memory management.

If you're new to Swift you will find this tool very valuable as a aid for learning Swift if you have Objective-C experience.

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