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Story Crossroads

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Each Story Crossroad's adventure revolves around the choices made by the reader at different stages of the story. Depending upon the reader's choices the reader will experience different variations of the story. The reader experiences the story through their avatar which gains new abilities and items as the story progresses. At times, the reader will also face combat sequences and watch the battle unfold. Winning combat can bring rewards and continues the story while losing is...The End.

Knight's Passage is the first adventure story in the Story Crossroads series. It is the story of a young adventurer who is asked to complete a quest for a fallen knight. The adventurer's way is filled with peril in the form of goblins, trolls and other devious creatures and devices. It is up to you to choose the right path. May you choose wisely!

The content and images used in the story should appeal to all ages. For younger audiences, the story fosters reading comprehension skills since parts of the story offer hints as to what to do in later pages. For older audiences, it is a fun, interactive story that you can read anywhere.

This app does not ask for any personal identifiable information other than gender (used to select your avatar).

This is a trial version. Only the first part of the story is included. To access the full version, you must purchase Story Crossroads: Knight's Passage.

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