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Real Archery King : Bow Arrow Hunting

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*****Discover top free archery challenging game, experience the real archery shooting combat and challenge the world with your great precision*****

One of the World # 1 3d archery challenging games is now on windows store. Real Archery King is realistic hunting simulation, hottest and fun game to play. Enjoy the most realistic free target board shooting, face to face with enemy archery shooting and jungle animal hunting challenge in stunning 3D environments. Archery + deer hunting in one go. Experience the realistic Control of different types of bows and enjoy the action camera follow the trail of shooting arrow.

This is the game full of different adventurous modes in which you will experience the real archery action in realistic physics and HD environments. Real Archery King will be very useful for archery tips. learn archery and bow arrow hunting techniques.

- Practice mode
- Arcade mode
- Attack mode
- Defense mode
- Hunting mode

Practice Mode:
Improve your archery skills by hitting arrows on target boards placed with different distances.

Arcade Mode:
Each challenging level positions you further away thus increasing the difficulty. There are many types of Target boards with variation of wind factor. Overcome your heartbeat and the vibrations of wind while taking aim.

Attack Mode:
Clear out your area from the rival archer shooters. Take out those thieves and get your possession back.

Defense Mode:
The Quest and challenging game! Defend the Castle and your kingdom. Join the fight against army of bow hunters.

Deer Hunting:
Go out there in the jungle world to use your hunting skills for deer hunting. Become a deer hunter using your bows and arrows.

- Super Precise Aiming
- Multiple archery locations
- Strangely Addictive bow arrow hunting game
- Different types of bows and arrows
- Incredible 3D graphics put you right in the fun environment
- Easy and User Friendly Control to Play
- Challenging 3D AI Opponents
- Fire Arrows

How to Play
- Keep an eye on wind level
- Buy different types of bows and arrows from shop
- Adjust speed and direction to shoot arrows in practice mode
- Limited arrows to hit the specific target, avoid hitting others
Touch Device Controls
- Tilt and calibrate your device to set aim on target
- tap 'Hold Breath' button for slow motion
- Tap on Arrow button to release arrows
PC Controls
- Move mouse right/left and up/down to aim your target
- Keep left button pressed to increase power
- Release left mouse button to release arrow

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