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Sunset Bike Racer

Publisher: Georg K.
Preis: Gratis mit In-App-Käufen

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Download-Rang - x86 - Deutschland
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Test your reflexes! - Turn the key, kick the starter and push the limits of your motocross racing skill. Stand your trial in this crazy offroad motocross adventure!

Can you beat the other racers on all the tracks? Find out in the DAILY EVENT.

Enjoy the fast-paced gameplay and the smooth physics simulation. You will be amazed by the responsiveness of the controls. Find out why dirt bike racing fans love motocross racing in the sunset.

Race these gorgeous tracks which are full of surprises. Collect stars and coins to buy awesome bikes. Be the quickest rider in this intense quest for mon..., glory. Only the best can get all stars and unlock the fastest bike.

You have had bad luck and need a second chance? Don't worry, we have got you covered. Go back in TIME and try again!

This race is not just about reaching the finish line. Your goal to get the fastest time! Try your best to beat the clock and see how you compare to your friends. Fight in the DAILY events. It feels like a drag car racing game, just with bikes. You will not stop until your battery dies :)

Accelerate your bike to ridiculous speeds with the nitro booster. Refill it by performing stunts like frontflips, backflips, wheelies, ... .

Sunset Motocross Bike Racing has been built to surprise:
* Set the trees on fire with your nitro boost – here can do that :)
* Crash through the chain bridge you just went over – you will do it.
* Skip a big part of a level by finding a hidden cave – that happens here.
* Run away from a giant boulder just like Indiana Jones did – We've got your covered!

Sunset Motocross Bike Racing has enough tracks to keep you busy for months. Beat the hardest levels and get fast enough to unlock even more. Don't miss the free updates and the DAILY or WEEKLY EVENTS.

+ Boost your way to the top with mad skills (or a little nitro)
+ Race your own Highscore (ghost) or challenge your friends to do so
+ Enjoy the crazy racing tracks (they are crazy hard too)
+ Perform breathtakingly cool stunts
+ Dash through the levels with wheelies and back flips (surprise)

★ Help ★
If you have a problem with the game please send an error report to support@kamgam.com.

★ Disclaimer★
This game contains In-App-Purchases (which means you can BUY stuff in the game). All bikes and levels are unlockable for free by collecting stars and/or beating your own highscores!

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