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David Fuller, General Counsel

We are leading the alternative data space with transparency, and challenge the industry to do the same

We are happy to report that App Annie has successfully finalized a settlement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”), which relates to the period between late 2014 and mid-2018.

Although we will not be subject to a third-party monitor moving forward, we have gone to great lengths to implement remediation steps to ensure that we are your most trusted data provider, as Wade Foley, Deputy General Counsel, Global Governance Risk Compliance, details in his blog.

We believe alternative data companies should take note of the SEC order and change their business practices moving forward (as we started to three years ago). 

We Believe Confidential Public Company Information Should Remain Private

Data providers in our space should not be ingesting confidential public company information (MNPI) into their algorithms. Since mid-2018, we have implemented processes and controls to prevent ingesting MNPI. We believe that the majority of companies in the alternative data space cannot say the same.

We Believe in Leading with Transparency

In an effort to maintain our position as the industry leader in transparency, we wanted to take this opportunity to share information around our data collection methodologies.  App Annie leverages various data sources for analysis and for use in our products and services (including estimates), without limitation of the following: (i) our owned panel data apps, (ii) our Connect service, (iii) our automated methods that collect data from various sources, including websites and other online sources, and (iv) data partnerships. 

Company and Industry Resolution

We believe this is a very important time in our industry. With the resolution of this matter, a number of constraints which had impacted our business operations over the last few years will have been lifted. Also, the proverbial playing field vis-a-vis us and our competitors will be more even, and we will be far better positioned to execute our vision. Moving forward, we are pleased to now be in a position to lead the industry with trust and transparency.

For more details on the investigation and our ongoing commitment regarding our data collection transparency, visit our Trust and Assurance page.

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App Annie News

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