App Annie Partners

App Annie’s network of over 1,000,000 app professionals rely on our market data and insights to confidently make the best decisions in the ever-changing world of mobile. Partner with us to help them be successful with apps.

Research Partners
App Annie partners with first-in-class market research providers for a variety of industry reports. If you have complementary data and are interested in partnering for a joint report, contact us.
Ad Platforms
App Annie brings together reporting from industry-leading mobile advertising platforms to simplify the analytics needs of advertisers and publishers. If you would like to enable your clients to access their own ad platform data via App Annie Connect, please contact us.
Business Intelligence Platforms
App Annie partners with leading business intelligence platforms to enable Connect users to incorporate their mobile app portfolio's key stats into the analyses that drive their overall business. If there is a business intelligence platform that you would like us to support, or you're a platform provider and you would like to discuss integration, please contact us.
Additional Partners
Digital Advertising Platform
DoubleClick by Google uses App Annie's app store market intelligence services to fuel their platform's in-app advertising products.
In-App Analytics Platform
App publishers can view their mobile app usage metrics from Google Analytics within App Annie's Connect dashboard alongside their app store and advertising metrics.