Lesson 9

How to Select a Mobile Advertising Network

An ad network connects you to a host of publishers, and choosing the right network to reach the right users can play a large part in your campaign’s success.

Each ad network will reach slightly different audiences at different scales and costs, so be sure to constantly measure each ad network’s performance — and don’t be afraid to switch from a network that’s not delivering quality users you’re looking for at cost.

The Major Mobile Ad Networks

The most well-known networks in the app space are:

  • AdColony
  • AdMob
  • Chartboost
  • InMobi
  • ironSource
  • Unity Ads

While reach certainly matters with a mobile ad network, it’s not the only factor. Each network has its own advantages and may consist of publishers (and therefore users) that are more closely aligned with your business.

Tips for Choosing an Ad Network

So which network do you want to work with? In general, all ad networks will help get your advertising seen. But will it be seen by high-quality users and bring you a positive return on your ad spend? Are there any publishers you don’t want to support or ad content you don’t want your brand associated with? Those questions will most likely come up as you review your options.

Some questions to ask:

  • Who are the publishers on this network, what is the quality of its inventory and who are the users who will be exposed to your ads?
  • Does it specialize in a particular category or ad format?
  • What is the network’s pricing structure?
  • What resources will the network provide to help you manage and measure your ad campaigns?
  • How competitive are these ad networks in terms of ROI?

External Module:

In the Monetize section, we’ll go into more detail about different ad networks as it relates to in-app advertising. A majority of app publishers earn a significant portion of their revenue through in-app ads.

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