Lesson 8

Engage: Conclusion

Think about the apps you engage with most often. When and why did you fall in love with a certain app? What keeps you going back? Answering these questions will give a clue about that app’s engagement strategy and its appeal to one ideal user (you).

Now consider that app you downloaded, opened … and never returned to again. What caused you to lose interest? What could the app have offered to keep you involved?

Now it’s time to put yourself in the shoes of your users. What are they looking for? What can you do to get them to fall in love with your app?

Every app arrives on your device for a different purpose — to help book a flight, reach a new level of gameplay or find a coupon no one can resist. The engagement strategy that works for you will be as unique as your app’s individual purpose. That said, there are certain fundamental engagement principles and strategies that work for just about everyone.

Finding the magic formula to keep users engaged is part science and part art. A well-rounded engagement strategy is essential, as is your discovery, strategy and acquisition work. As apps become more intertwined with our daily lives and users devote more time to them, there will be more opportunities to engage them, and more opportunities to turn that engagement into revenue.

That’s where monetization comes into play, which leads us to our next lesson.

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