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Amanotes is a mobile app publisher specializing in music games with simple yet catchy gameplays, enjoyed by hundreds of millions of users globally. According to App Annie, in 2019 Amanotes reached the top-20 among all mobile apps publishers based on worldwide downloads of iOS App Store and Google Play.

The company was founded in Vietnam in 2014, by Co-Founders Bill Vo, CEO and Silver Nguyen. Silver was recently included in Forbes Vietnam’s 30 Under 30 list of the most prominent young faces in Vietnam.

Amanotes games are simple to learn but difficult to master, leading to a surge in popularity for Youtube videos of expert players, often reaching into the millions of views for popular songs —providing an extra incentive for players to improve their skills. All of Amanotes’ games are free to download and play, supported by ads, in-app purchases and subscriptions.

The Challenge

Amanotes achieved consistent growth in its first five years with millions of total game downloads, and rankings among the Top 10 Music Games in over 100 countries on iOS and Android Platform. To fuel and sustain its success, in the competitive landscape of hyper casual games, Amanotes is constantly developing new games that creatively supercharge gameplay with popular music.

“Our long-term goal is to build a complete music ecosystem, producing excellent apps for music lovers and enabling other indie developers to do the same,” said Amanotes co-founder Silver Nguyen. “We believe that by combining simple, satisfying gameplay with catchy music, we can continue to create games that are inclusive and do their part to brighten even the busiest person’s day for a long time to come.”

Amanotes wanted to review and diversify their portfolio. To do so, they need to better understand how their games’ users differ to users of competitors' games. Specifically, they needed insights into the following:

  • Why do some product updates (i.e. a new music track) bring different results for different games?
  • How do Amanotes portfolio demographics differ from key competitors and are they missing any opportunities?
  • Is there a clear correlation between users’ demographics and playing behaviour in the hyper casual games segment?

The Solution

  1. Amanotes selected several of their largest  competitors with similar gameplay or mechanics to different types of Amanotes’ apps. They then created a custom App Group in their App Annie Intelligence platform.
  2. For this competitors’ list, they exported data from App Store Rankings, Downloads and Revenue, Usage and Engagement sections from App Annie.
  3. Thanks to demographics data, Amanotes were able to dig deeper into usage metrics in order to understand if there was a clear correlation between these two sets of data.
  4. Amanotes assembled an internal task force, or  “expert crew”, which included specialists from marketing to product and monetization teams in order to review all critical data sets and fully understand the insights from a 360 perspective. This specialist insights focussed team was able to generate additional hypotheses and add more metrics and timeframes for analysis. They then collated the results and converted them into actionable next steps.

The Results

  1. Data from App Annie, combined with some insights from Facebook and Google, helped Amanotes to formulate key user personas for their top games. This was especially helpful to the creative team when working on new ad concepts, and to the music content team when selecting new songs for the games.
  2. Users of Amanotes’ iOS games typically have 10% to 15% higher female demographic than the Android versions; the iOS games also have a slightly higher age demographic.  Understanding this, they started to approach the creative and product testings in a bit different way for both platforms
  3. Seeing that Amanotes’ typical user profile was more skewed to female users, they decided to try out gameplays based on racing and destruction. Observing the success of some titles with this user profile, they applied this learning to attract totally new users to their portfolio. Currently, they already have games like Water Race 3D, Dancing Wings, Dunk’n’Beat 
  4. Armed with competitive analysis Amanotes identified that the average session length is the most controllable metric to increase the overall time spent. Level design and music content updates were among the most efficient instruments that helped to improve this metric. 

The Amanotes team regularly relies on App Annie Intelligence for evaluating business opportunities sourced from both internal and external teams. Each decision is now underlined by reliable data and sculpts the pathway of the multi-year outlook for the business.

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