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Tel Aviv, Israel

Most popular app:

Bubble Shooter

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As a growing company, Ilyon began working with multiple ad networks and mediation platforms. They were routinely having to implement new partners with new APIs to build, which took up a significant amount of valuable time. 

Benefits of App Annie Ascend

Since the company started using App Annie Ascend in 2019, Ilyon has been able to save a significant amount of time on data collection, which helps boost the company’s overall productivity. The solution allows them to easily monitor their performance in a single place and to analyze trends from their partners. App Annie Ascend also allows the company to easily add and remove connections “at the click of a button” according to Ilyon’s Data Analyst, Eli Peschansky. 

More About Ilyon

The Israel-based publisher primarily monetizes its 40+ casual games portfolio through advertisements and in-app purchases. The company has adopted a “pull strategy” of monetization, which utilizes rewarded video and native ads in order to be less intrusive to the user than traditional advertising.

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