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The backstory

Mapway help millions of users travel to and from their destinations, whether by subway, bus, car or bike, using their 50+ transit apps. Covering cities such as London, New York, Guangzhou, and Dubai, Mapway is expanding its presence globally by entering new markets and tracking additional modes of transportation.

Mapway are consistently ranked amongst the top publishers of public transport apps by worldwide iOS and Google Play downloads. To continue their growth trajectory Mapway has taken care to experiment with new monetization models, markets and partnerships, and data has been a critical part of their decision-making process.

Getting on top of transport

At their founding in 2004, Mapway launched traffic apps providing information on optimal route selection in partnership with a leading European telecommunications provider. This experience in aggregating live information from multiple data sources, and its acquisition of m-Spatial, allowed Mapway to quickly launch reliable and accurate transport apps across the Apple App Store and Google Play.

After building a strong presence in Europe with apps such as Tube Map - London Undergroundand Paris Metro RATP Map and Route Planner, Mapway looked to expand into new markets. With talk in the office about which countries to go after and which platforms to prioritize, Mapway needed data to make timely and informed decisions, and App Annie became their mobile app market data provider.

"Once we realized that having data was critical, we knew we had to choose App Annie." — David James, CEO.

Armed with actionable data, their development team began to tackle their target to cover the top 50 metros by passenger volume. "App Annie allows us to target the right market and platform, saving us money by giving us clarity on where to go next."

How Mapway utilizes App Annie

Mapway uses App Annie Intelligence to monitor how they're performing with apps in existing markets, and to plan their entry into new markets.

To research new markets James states that they use App Annie Intelligence to see: "how many downloads there are for similar apps, the growth of the travel and transportation categories, download volume on Google Play versus iOS, and how many downloads it would take them to reach a target app rank."

As a result of this analysis Mapway shifted their focus to North America and China. The change has been fruitful: "We now have more monthly downloads for our New York subway map, than our Tube map in London which has enjoyed more than 10 million downloads," said James. Mapway have also released a greater number of apps on Google Play: "Android has been brought into sharp focus for us, rather than just iOS," said James.

After gaining a strong user base in new markets, Mapway looked at their revenue model. Initially a subscription model, Mapway looked at the download volume of free apps and believed this represented a greater opportunity for them. Today, Mapway apps are predominantly freemium monetization through advertising, in-app purchases and partnerships. Employing different monetization techniques in different markets - such as their partnership with Uber – provides Mapway with the flexibility they need to optimize revenue.

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