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In 2009, Outfit7 Limited took the app market by storm with the introduction of Talking Tom. During the time it's taken the company to introduce a host of other much-loved characters and expand into video and TV, the app gaming landscape has changed considerably. With 7 billion mobile app downloads and counting, achieving success for Outfit7 is as challenging as ever.


Despite moving into different mediums, the core of Outfit7's business remains mobile entertainment. With the mobile gaming market becoming increasingly saturated, Outfit7's primary challenge has been to maintain, and ideally increase, its level of success in the face of ever intensifying competition. "When we first started out, it was just a case of launching a game and the downloads and revenue would follow, but now there is a lot more that needs to be done to stay at the top," said Jernej Česen, VP of Data Analytics, Outfit7.

Having previously relied on organic growth, Outfit7's management team was quick to realise that they needed a more calculated approach to their growth strategy. They wanted to drive downloads through paid user acquisition (PUA) campaigns, improve engagement through a better understanding of user behaviour and ultimately boost in-app purchases. To do this, Outfit7 also needed a robust external source of data that they could easily combine with their own in order to provide a broader picture of the app gaming market.

Outfit7 started working with App Annie in 2016. “We chose App Annie as we truly believe it has one of the most comprehensive and accurate data sets on the app market today,” said Česen.


The data that App Annie supplies to Outfit7 is used across the whole business. In particular, the data has been integrated with their other data sources using an existing API in order to assemble a real-time bidding paid user acquisition (PUA) system. Internal dashboards provide analysis on benchmarking, the impact of new features on their apps' performance, app store optimisation, and user evaluation.

"Our dashboards, featuring App Annie's data, represent an important tool that binds all our departments together. It provides a comprehensive marketplace overview, identifying the breakeven points, who's on their way up, trends, downloads and revenue analysis and critical audience intelligence data," explained Česen.

Furthermore, the customer support team at App Annie plays a vital role in ensuring the data being tracked is easily converted into actionable business insights. “From day one, App Annie’s team was quick to establish an open relationship with us. Our contacts go out of their way to quickly address any queries we have and strive to find the best and the most optimized solution for us. In our opinion, the customer support team is a primary value of App Annie,” concludes Česen.

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