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Mobile Minute: Peacock TV Flies Out of the Gate With 10 Million Downloads

NBCUniversal’s Peacock TV app generated over 10 million app downloads in the US since its July 15 expansion.

Mobile Minute

Mobile Minute: The End of IDFA Shakes Up the Mobile Advertising Industry

Consumer sentiment remains positive for mobile advertising as a form of monetization, yet advertisers need to future-proof their strategies amidst the rise of user privacy and the end of IDFA.


Build vs. Buy: Evaluating Advertising Analytics Solutions

Explore the cost and benefits of building an in-house advertising analytics solution or considering a 3rd party partnership

Product Announcements

Data Stories v2.0 in LABS Now Includes Revenue Stories and Personalized Feeds

Today we are releasing an enhanced version of Data Stories to App Annie LABS. Get alerted about interesting app downloads and revenue changes instantly.

Market Data

Mobile App Evolution: How the Ecosystem Has Changed

With 2020 set to be mobile’s biggest year, take a closer look at how the industry changed over the years, the fuel driving successful apps, and how users have benefitted from more choice than ever before.

Mobile App User Acquisition

Your Ad Measurement Strategy in a Post-IDFA World

Aggregation is the future of advertising measurement

Mobile Minute

Mobile Minute: COVID-19 Spurs Digital Transformation Within the Grocery Industry

Growth shows mobile grocery app usage remains high as shoppers leverage apps for evaluating inventory, savings, BOPIS and delivery services.

App Monetization

Three Problems in Digital Advertising And Monetization and How to Overcome Them

Unlocking Agility to Succeed in the Digital Economy

App Monetization

Agility Is the New Currency for Success in the Digital Economy

How to Unlock Your Advertising and Monetization Potential