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2021 Gaming Spotlight: The Trends You Need to Know Across Mobile, Console, Handheld and PC/Mac Gaming

We’ve partnered with IDC to deliver a detailed analysis of the gaming industry, and mobile’s linchpin role to its growth in 2021 and beyond.

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Uber Ranked #2 Among Travel Apps Worldwide in Q1 2021 by Downloads

Popular travel and navigation apps make a comeback amid consumer excitement for summer travel.

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Shoppers Expected to Spend 1 Billion Hours on Mobile During the Week of Prime Day 2021

As the retail industry moves toward pandemic recovery, time spent in mobile shopping apps is up 30% YoY.

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Reimagining how we do our best work

Giving our employees the opportunity to explore what works for them and the freedom to choose!

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How Apps Are Helping to Promote Diversity and Inclusion

Apps are proving to be key to encouraging diversity and inclusion by making everyone’s lives easier no matter race, gender, sexuality or abilities.

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DoorDash Ranked #1 Among US Food Apps Despite Indoor Dining Reopening

With restrictions being lifted, food and grocery delivery app use is still on the rise.

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What Are the Top SDKs Since the iOS 14.5 Release?

We’ve outlined the top SDKs and apps since the introduction of iOS’s new privacy measures.

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Mobile Minute: European Football Clubs Leverage Mobile to Increase Fan Engagement

Gamification, food partnerships and social media keep fans connected outside the stadium.

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Mobile Minute: Ahead of its Super App Release, PayPal Ranks #2 Among Finance Apps by MAU in Q1

Fintech embraces the concept of super apps to meet the full range of consumer demands.