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2020 Data Confirms Vietnam as One of the World’s Most Dynamic Mobile Gaming Markets

Vietnam is home to 5 of the top 10 game publishers in ANZSEA (Australia, New Zealand & Southeast Asia); YoY consumer spend growth up 50%

Mobile Minute

Mobile Minute: “May the Fourth” Drives Growth in Star Wars Streaming and Mobile Games

In 2020, top Star Wars mobile games saw over a 900% increase in downloads on Star Wars Day.

Mobile App Strategy

How To Succeed on Mobile In Japan

In our latest guide we provide an in-depth breakdown on the highly lucrative mobile market in Japan, and outline the key ways to break into this market.

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Mobile Minute: Brands Embrace In-App Gamification as Experiential Shopping Takes Over

Shopping apps with in-app game experiences and partnerships, like Louis Vuitton, see growth during the pandemic

Mobile Gaming

Launching Core Games in the Western and Eastern Markets: Key Insights from iDreamSky and Plarium

In a webinar hosted by App Annie, iDreamSky and Plarium share their experience of operating in international markets.

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Mobile Finance Report: How Banking and Fintech Apps Can Succeed in 2021

Read the industry’s leading mobile finance report to take your mobile performance to the next level in the high-demand finance and banking sector

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Winning the Attention War: Consumers in Nine Major Markets Now Spend More than Four Hours a Day in Apps

Time spent in apps surged by up to 80% in selected markets between Q1 2019 and Q1 2021

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Your Attention Please. In a Year of Lockdowns, Advertisers Spent $240 Billion on Mobile Ads

And they are set to spend $290 billion in 2021

Market Data

Consumers Spent $32 Billion on Apps in Q1 2021— the Biggest Quarter Since Records Began

The full impact of global lockdowns is revealed as global spend on apps surges by 40% in a year