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The State of Mobile in 2021: New Records Beckon

Last year was unlike any other – and the top mobile stats of 2020 underscore that as we enter into the new normal of 2021.

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Mobile Minute: Gen Z, Millennials, Baby Boomers — Everyone is Spending More Time on Mobile

In the United States, Gen X/ Baby Boomers spent 30% more time year-over-year in their most used apps.

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The State of Mobile in 2021: How to Win in a Mobile-Centric New Normal

Read the industry’s leading annual report on the State of Mobile in 2021 to take your mobile performance to the next level

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Mobile Minute: Holiday Season Brings on Streaming Wars Amongst Top Video Apps

Streaming apps see major surge, with HBO Max jumping 215% in US downloads on Christmas Day 2020

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Creatives Gallery Improvements: Search, Share, and Download Creatives with Ease

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Reach Holiday Shoppers Where They’re Spending the Most Time this Season: On Mobile

How advertisers can find mobile success in Q4 2020 and beyond

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2020: What Happened in Mobile and How to Succeed in 2021

2020 underscored the importance of mobile to growing a business’s top line. As we head into 2021, we’ve outlined why a data-fueled mobile strategy is the key to success.

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Consumers Seek Out Apps with Enhanced Privacy Features to Keep in Touch in our New Normal

In this report commissioned by Facebook we explore messaging app trends over the past five years to understand how privacy features have influenced messaging app usage.

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Mobile Minute: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Weeks — Shoppers Expected to Spend over 110 Million Hours Shopping on Mobile

As consumers are expected to spend more than one billion hours in shopping apps this holiday season, retailers are cashing in on mobile advertising channels.