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How to Succeed on Mobile in LATAM

In our latest guide we provide an in-depth breakdown on the high-growth mobile market in LATAM, and outline the key ways to break into this market.

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App Annie’s Trust & Assurance

We are leading the alternative data space with transparency, and challenge the industry to do the same

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Market Data Powered by AI

We are leading the next generation AI play to unify consumer + market data as the 1st Unified Data AI company

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App Annie Compliance: Setting the Standard for the Industry

We are committed to continuing to earn your trust as the most transparent alternative data provider. Read about our journey to serve as the industry standard

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BlaBlaCar Surpassed 100 Million Downloads Worldwide — Connecting Travellers to Environmentally-Conscious Carpools and Bus Transportation

A major milestone for the ride-sharing company and an important indicator of shifting consumer priorities.

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InShot Has Surpassed 500 Million Downloads — Powering the World with Premium Video Editing

Inshot passed the half a billion download threshold as user generated content reigns supreme on mobile.

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The Evolution of Social Media Apps: Live Streaming: The New Frontier for Social Media

Consumers will spend 548 billion hours live streaming in top social apps this year. Our new report shows how this behavior is fueling the ongoing boom in social media – and sowing the seed for a new creator economy

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The End of the Physical Office Era

App Annie will not require people to go back to a physical location. This is the first of a four part series of how we work at App Annie.

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Calm Has Surpassed 100 Million Downloads — Fostering a Global Community of Meditators

Calm was the #1 meditation app of all time by global downloads and app store consumer spend