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The Tokyo 2020 Olympics Drives Influx of Downloads on Global Streaming Apps

Streaming apps with rights to the Olympics saw up to a 13x bump in downloads during the first week of the Games

Mobile App User Acquisition

ASO Guide: 15 Expert Strategies to Master App Store Optimization

Our holistic guide will show you how to master app store optimization, take you through the definition of ASO and equip you with app marketing strategies to support your app store search optimization and the benefits of ASO.

Market Data

Daily Time Spent in Apps Rise as Much as 45% in Two Years as Pandemic Bolsters the Mobile Habit

Consumers in eight regional markets now spend more than four hours a day using apps – users in Russia and Turkey have upped their ‘app hours’ by more than 40% since 2019

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Understand Paid vs. Organic Downloads with Improved Download Channel Report

As a mobile app marketer, you want to reach your user acquisition (UA) goals and maximize return on spend — but may be grappling with how to stand out, reduce costs, and make every penny count.

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Intelligence, Redesigned

With the redesign of App Annie Intelligence, now available to all Premium customers, we hope to increase your productivity by streamlining your analytical workflows.

Market Data

Quarterly Spending on Apps Leaps by $7 Billion in a Year to Hit $34 Billion

Consumers retain the app habit despite the easing of lockdowns in some markets – and Q2 2021 delivers another record-breaking quarter for the industry.

Market Data

Signs of a Recovery: Mobile App Usage Reveals Which Sectors are Rebounding and Which Mobile Habits Are Here to Stay

We reviewed the latest trends in mobile app data and consumer behavior to identify which markets and sectors are recovering from the pandemic.

Mobile Gaming

2021 Gaming Spotlight: The Trends You Need to Know Across Mobile, Console, Handheld and PC/Mac Gaming

We’ve partnered with IDC to deliver a detailed analysis of the gaming industry, and mobile’s linchpin role to its growth in 2021 and beyond.

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Uber Ranked #2 Among Travel Apps Worldwide in Q1 2021 by Downloads

Popular travel and navigation apps make a comeback amid consumer excitement for summer travel.