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Mobile Minute: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Weeks — Shoppers Expected to Spend over 110 Million Hours Shopping on Mobile

As consumers are expected to spend more than one billion hours in shopping apps this holiday season, retailers are cashing in on mobile advertising channels.

Mobile Minute

Mobile Minute: Video Streaming Apps See Major Surge as Lockdowns Continue

Streaming app usage increased 15% year over year in Q3 2020 in the US.

Market Data

Over 1.6 Billion Money Transfers Occurred in Fintech Apps in the US in Q3 2020

Americans frequented top fintech apps to send money to friends, family and businesses.

Market Data

The New Normal in 2021: Five Things You Need to Know in Mobile

As we head out of a year gripped by a global pandemic, what does the new normal look like for mobile in 2021 and how can you prepare your business?

Mobile Gaming

Classification Best Practices from Industry Experts

Uncover key insights that gaming companies get with the help of App Annie Game IQ

Mobile App Strategy

An Interview With Playrix — Leveraging Mobile Data to Keep Your Game Fresh

Playrix’s Chief Marketing Officer, Alexander Derkach, sat down with App Annie to share mobile game best practices he’s learned throughout Playrix’s rise to the top.

Product Announcements

Introducing Keyword Defense: Take the Lead With Your Keyword Strategies

Keyword Defense enables app professionals to protect and improve their organic keyword strategy.


How to Build a Winning Gen Z Strategy on Mobile

As one of the youngest generations, Gen Z now amounts to a third of the world’s population, surpassing millennials as the largest generation. If you want to reach Gen Z, you need to do it where they spend their time — on mobile.

Mobile Minute

Mobile Minute: Competitive Retail Events to Spur Record 60 Million Hours Spent in Shopping Apps the Week of Prime Day 2020

Timely sales events during Prime Day 2020 encourage early holiday shoppers and are expected to surpass 2019’s record-breaking black friday and cyber monday events.