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Even Amidst Economic Headwinds, Mobile Finance Grows Worldwide

Consumers accessed finance apps more than 1 trillion times in 2019 as mobile increasingly becomes consumer’s financial hub.

Mobile Minute

Mobile Minute: Capturing Gen Z’s Attention in the 2020 Presidential Election

As Gen Z prepares for their first presidential election, candidates target voters through social media.

Mobile App Strategy

How to Understand App Feedback Faster

Here are the three essential ways to break down app feedback so that you can understand how to make your users happier and take action in no time.

App Store Optimization

A Sit Down With Ironsource on App Store Optimization

We joined Ironsource’s LevelUp podcast to discuss discoverability and conversion in App Store Optimization for games.

App Monetization

How to Maximize Ad Revenue Like Ubisoft

Tune in to learn how Ubisoft's Alexis Rosa is able to maximize ad revenue and get the most value from their partners with the help of App Annie Libring.

Market Data

Gen Z: The Mobile-First Generation Poised to Transform Business

Gen Z is already the largest generation. As they enter the workforce and gain spending capital, this group will only grow in influence.

Mobile Minute

Mobile Minute: Classic Games Thrive on Smaller Screens

Household names including Sonic, Mario Kart and Scrabble aim to capitalize on the $100B market.

Mobile Gaming

A Sit Down with Deconstructor of Fun on the State of Mobile Games in 2020

We joined the Deconstructor of Fun podcast to discuss mobile’s massive year in gaming.

App Annie News

Mobile World Congress 2020 is Cancelled - But the Spirit of Mobile Innovation is Still On

Let’s meet in person and in the online App Annie Academy