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App Annie Compliance: Setting the Standard for the Industry

Wade Foley, Deputy General Counsel, Global Governance Risk Compliance

We are committed to continuing to earn your trust as the most transparent alternative data provider. Read about our journey to serve as the industry standard

App Annie has established a new standard for trust and transparency for the alternative data market which serves as an industry milestone. We fully embrace the responsibility to maintain the trust of our customers. With significant investments in our people, processes and technologies, we have set the bar for the industry. We would like to share our strategy to continue to serve as the industry standard.

Our Commitment

Industry leaders are increasingly leveraging market data in their strategic decision-making to win on digital. We believe in sending a strong message to the industry on misrepresenting the usage of confidential public company data in building market data estimates. Examples of this confidential data include: revenue, downloads, engagement data or other digital metrics.

 We believe that no public company would willingly consent to share their confidential public company data to a third party for generating estimates for use cases such as trading, statistical modeling, benchmarking performance, M&A, and partnerships. In addition, explicit contractual consent would be required for each use case.

App Annie does things differently. We have built our products and services with processes and controls designed to eliminate confidential public company data from our algorithms. We believe this is the minimum standard for the entire industry. 

Since mid- 2018, the following represents steps App Annie has taken: 


  • Hired a new General Counsel and Head of Global Compliance
  • Implemented a company-wide culture of compliance requiring controls and processes
  • Created internal and independent auditing protocols
  • Established a Content Approval Committee to review and approve sales and marketing assets to ensure proper representation of product methodology and internal processes 


  • Prohibited all post-model estimate alteration practices
  • Updated processes for identifying and removing public companies from our estimates by leveraging tools such as CapIQ and others
  • Enhanced controls and related audits regarding data ingestion into its data science models to ensure the exclusion of confidential public company data


  • Improved global access controls across the company  
  • Updated our Terms of Service and the following key policies:
    • Global Insider Trading Policy
    • Privacy Policy
    • Whistleblower Policy
  • Delivered ongoing global training:
    • Insider Trading (MNPI)
    • Security and Privacy
  • Requiring company-wide completion of key certifications:
    • Insider Trading Attestations and Pre-clearance Trading Requirement
    • Sales & Marketing Certification
    • Internal Process Certification 

Our leadership team is vested in elevating our compliance program. Compliance influences our culture as well as every aspect of our business operations. We look forward to setting the standard within the alternative data industry for others to follow.

For more information on our end-to-end data science models and systems, please see Melania Calinescu’s (Head of Data Science) blog

September 15, 2021

App Annie News

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