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The End of the Physical Office Era

Remy Bleijendaal

App Annie will not require people to go back to a physical location. This is the first of a four part series of how we work at App Annie.

At App Annie, we hold true to our values when making every decision. ‘Where we will work’ is no exception!

As we have done since the beginning of the pandemic, we continuously track new developments and adapt our plans as the situation evolves. Like many companies, we had originally set our eyes on a September global workplace reopening. That plan is currently compromised by the spread of another Covid variant. But unlike many other companies, we are not just going to set a new date for workplace reopening - just to continue moving the goal post. What’s the point of setting a deadline, when in all likelihood it will move yet again?

Given the above, we have decided it is time for a shift in our collective mindset. App Annie is not going to be office centric ever again! 

We will move to some form of hybrid work with team gatherings as needed. Why? Because we trust our people to get it done from the location that works for them.

At App Annie we foster a high performance culture where we focus on our individual and collective results. We operate like a team. Teams are built to achieve a desired outcome and set up to win. This means we care more about each other's results than about each other's address. We will not be one of those companies.  

We will not lower our people's pay because they choose to work remotely or live somewhere else in the country. We strongly believe this is how companies that drive Excellence as the standard, behave. We pay our people for the impact they make. 

We will offer a flexible working environment now and in the future. We will hire and work from all over the world instead of from a central location. Locations don't matter anymore! We believe that this model will enable us to hire and retain the best talent.

Additionally, we offer our employees a work-from-anywhere for up to a quarter per year set up with our new 90 day Global Passport Program. We are a global leader and want our people to enjoy life experiences that capture the power of all the beautiful places to see. Living abroad expands your worldview and fuels personal growth and we are extremely excited to offer this to all of our employees.

We believe that the foundation of our high performance culture is trust and that our employees can continue to accomplish excellent work, regardless of location!

Looking to join a team like this? Join us!

September 2, 2021

App Annie News

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