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The New Normal in 2021: Five Things You Need to Know in Mobile

Lexi Sydow

As we head out of a year gripped by a global pandemic, what does the new normal look like for mobile in 2021 and how can you prepare your business?

2020 has reshaped and redefined daily life — with working from home, social distancing, travel restrictions and digital connections becoming new norms as countries sought to contain the spread of the novel COVID-19 epidemic. As consumers hunkered down at home, the world turned to mobile to stay connected, entertained and informed. As we head into 2021, we’ve compiled 5 key trends you need to know to build your best mobile strategy during uncharted times. 

1. TikTok Set to Reach 1.2 Billion Average Monthly Active Users in 2021

TikTok has seen sharp growth in active users by amassing a sizable global footprint in 2020 — nearly tripling in size since 2018. In 2021, we expect TikTok to not only achieve a coveted spot in the 1 Billion monthly active users club, but to sail straight past to 1.2 billion.

Other notable social members of this club include  Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, YouTube, WeChat and Instagram. As of Q3 2020, TikTok was the #2 non-gaming app by consumer spend — a testament to the breadth and depth of engagement for its user base. Many of the most used social media apps don’t break into the top consumer spend charts, as they primarily monetize from ad revenue. While TikTok monetizes through ads, it also allows users to transact in the app through sales of virtual gifts used for tipping streamers, where users can increase their chance of getting a shout-out out of the recognition they earned through tipping, creating a positive feedback loop which further encourages creativity and spending. Part of TikTok’s success lies in the combination of user-generated content, short looping videos and robust video editing tools. TikTok represents a powerful opportunity for businesses to engage with a large global base of invested consumers. 

Mobile data is more important than ever to prepare for future roadmaps — allowing you to prepare for rocket-ship market disruptors like TikTok and critical shifts in consumer behavior. 




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November 10, 2020

Market Data

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