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Mobile Minute: Top Rated Apps for Conquering Holiday Hosting

Lexi Sydow

Plan and execute a stress-free holiday gathering with these top apps.

What’s Happening: 

In the middle of the holiday season, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the seemingly endless list of tasks: gift shopping, food shopping, cooking, entertaining —- not to mention budgeting for all of it. Below we’ve compiled a list of apps based on user ratings and downloads rankings data that can help simplify and organize the holidays — all at the tip of our fingers. 

Why It Matters: 

Food is often top of mind for holiday parties. If you want to skip the lines and have someone else do the shopping, Instacart and Shipt allow users to shop in-app and get purchases delivered straight to their door in a matter of hours. Instacart offers multiple store options and easy editing for any last minute additions. As of December 9th, the app ranked #14 in the food and drink downloads category of the iPhone app store, and has an 88% 5-star rating in the iOS app store.

Shipt, owned by Target, provides a similar concept. Shop through the app from multiple retailers, and a shopper will complete and deliver your purchase. Shipt has a 93% 5-star rating in the iPhone app store, ranked #35 as of December 9th.

Similarly, if your biggest hurdle in holiday prep is having too many tasks and not enough hands, a task app can help connect you to someone who will accomplish any number of tasks so you can get additional work done. TaskRabbit, with an almost 88% 5-star rating, and Thumbtack, with 88% 5-star ratings, allow you to choose what tasks you need assistance with show you nearby “taskers” who can complete it for you. Both apps offer an extensive list of available tasks, ranging from small to large. 

Once you have your groceries delivered and your once-broken oven has been fixed by a professional, it’s finally time to get cooking. Save yourself from flipping through a heavy cookbook by downloading a recipe app. Many have step-by-step photos, videos, or even audio steps to guide you, so you’re not getting flour on your phone screen. Tasty, which began as cooking videos on Facebook, offers an app with nearly 93% 5-star ratings. Food Network Kitchen, ranked #18 on December 9 in the United States for food and drink apps on iPhone, provides an “extra set of hands” and offers multiple live cooking classes every week. 

Go Deeper:

The holiday season, while commonly the most festive of the year, can oftentimes be the most stressful too. With the increasing sophistication of mobile, it’s easier than ever to relieve some of the stress by using apps to complete holiday tasks. Based on the rankings and ratings data above, it's clear that users are relying more and more on apps to help increase productivity, especially during the holiday season. 

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December 11, 2019

Mobile Minute

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