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App Annie’s Advanced Reviews Is Available Today in LABS

Chris Chan and Melania Calinescu

Advanced Reviews allows you to gain insights from user feedback.

UPDATE: Advanced Reviews is now LIVE!

App Annie has an unmatched breadth of global market intelligence data. Mobile is deep in our DNA, beginning with the app stores themselves, where we are the mobile industry’s source of truth. We also provide usage data to brands and publishers all over the world. 

We are delighted to share some exciting news. We have created an NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithm that is capable of drawing insights from users’ reviews in the iOS app store. This capability:

  • Accelerates your ability to respond to user feedback—quickly identify and address issues
  • Directs your attention toward the most important improvements and pivots 
  • Enables you to be more responsive to real and quantifiable signals
  • Ensures your app updates are on target
  • Helps you improve the effectiveness of your app store optimization by uncovering new keywords to support your organic keyword marketing strategy

Until now, there has not been an efficient way to understand customer sentiment from reviews in a scalable manner. For example, if you were to use Advanced Reviews after Cyber Monday, you’d quickly learn what did and did not work for users during their mobile shopping experiences. Advanced Reviews will quickly surface an issue that your development and marketing teams can prioritize and address immediately. 

Advanced Reviews originally launched in App Annie LABS, a key part of App Annie’s product innovation team in which we get early customer feedback. Many of our LABS projects are informed directly by our customers. It’s our way of ensuring that we test products quickly and infuse your impressions and feedback directly into our product roadmaps.

This is a limited beta version focusing primarily on apps in three iOS categories: Finance, Food and Drink, and Shopping. Users will be able to analyze reviews of apps in these categories across four main topics: Service, Performance, Design, and the Login Experience. 

As the product managers for App Annie's Advanced Reviews, we would love to hear from you. What have you uncovered using Advanced Reviews? Any unexpected discoveries you'd like to share? Please contact us through your App Annie account managers and share feedback directly through LABS.

Update: To learn more about Advanced Reviews, see our launch announcement here.

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October 18, 2019

Product Announcements

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