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Advanced Search Offers a New More Powerful Approach to App Search

James Gagen

Advanced Search lets our customers discover and identify apps through a unique and incisive capability now available on App Annie.

Because of our long relationship with the iOS and Android Play stores, and our unmatched breadth of global market intelligence data, we have been able to create a search product that helps pinpoint apps with very specific characteristics. Until now, there has been no good way to simultaneously search business level and app level characteristics. For example, if you were to use Advanced Search during Mobile World Congress, you could now identify the year’s most successful apps headquartered in Spain!

Our Advanced Search capability offers a powerful, granular approach to searching and gives our customers the flexibility they have been asking for.

We launched Advanced Search in March 2019. Since then, it has been really interesting to see how customers are using this feature. We have seen some popular though very unexpected interest in particular searches. For example, you can search by star ratings in case you want to see examples of the best (or worst!) reviewed apps in your category. You can search apps based on where company HQs are, and find apps based on their downloads, revenue, active users, and more. So far, our data shows that headquarter location and download growth rate are among the most popular searches.

Many customers are searching the SDKs that have not been installed across apps of a certain category. Perhaps, these searches are coming from account executives who are seeking out new opportunities, or perhaps chief revenue officers are testing out various monetization options?

I think most of our clients are using advanced search because it's just so incredibly engaging. This search capability never existed before, so in the hands of our customers, it’s an opportunity to test hypotheses, validate assumptions, and allow their curiosity to guide them. It’s clear to us that they are enjoying the platform while exploring the data. We saw this behavior after we released Insights Generator. In that first weekend, customers told us that they spent Saturday morning crunching data and could not stop themselves.

It’s exciting to hear how our clients are engaging with this feature and to see the types of searches that are most resonating with our user base. In a few weeks, I will publish some examples of the more unexpected and compelling searches. As the product manager for App Annie's Advanced Search, I would love to hear from you. What are you seeking out when you use Advanced Search? Any unexpected discoveries you'd like to share? Please contact me through your App Annie account manager.

We have more to come. I hope you are excited to watch Advanced,...advance! This summer, as we go further into game feature searches and...I've said too much! Gotta go!

July 11, 2019

Product Announcements

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