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Creatives Gallery Improvements: Search, Share, and Download Creatives with Ease

Dennis Laviolette

Are you wondering where, when, and how your competitors are advertising and positioning themselves, how well their ad campaigns are performing, and what you should do to strengthen your own ad strategy? App Annie’s Creatives Gallery report allows you to track mobile ad creatives across competitors, categories, countries, share of voice, and more.

App publishers such as Playrix use the Creatives Gallery to see the types of ad creatives their competitors are running, and also to get conceptual inspiration outside of their own app categories and markets:

“The Creatives Gallery is a powerful tool we use to get in touch with the market. It helps understand what the main drivers from creative assets are in the market, and that is the fuel for our UA.” Chief Marketing Officer, Alexander Derkach, Playrix

As a UA professional, you can now easily identify user acquisition trends, advertising themes, and emerging best practices, and also search for creatives by ad platform or advertiser, for example.We’ve recently added new enhancements. 


New Filters and Video Playback  

The new Company HQ filter allows you to narrow search results to only show creatives from companies headquartered (or not headquartered) in particular regions. The new Days Active filter surfaces creatives that have been live for the number of days that you select.

Within the Creatives Gallery, watch and examine entire video creatives to inspire your next great video ad campaign.


Share Creatives Across Your Team

Now you can share creatives across your team, even if your teammate doesn't have access to App Annie Intelligence. Simply copy and paste the creative asset URL for easy collaboration.

Download Creatives

Additionally, you can now download creative files to better analyze their details, and for simplified sharing outside of the App Annie platform.

Stay tuned for even more improvements to the Creatives Gallery in 2021!

Haven’t upgraded your App Annie account yet? Get in touch with the App Annie Sales Team to get access to the Creatives Gallery and more.

January 5, 2021

Product Announcements

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