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Introducing Keyword Defense: Take the Lead With Your Keyword Strategies

Dennis Laviolette

Keyword Defense enables app professionals to protect and improve their organic keyword strategy.

When it comes to organic and paid keywords, Paid Search data is a key component of a well-rounded app store optimization strategy. But are competitors disrupting your organic strategy? Are they stealing your thunder, bidding for your highest performing keywords? Are they appearing at the top of organic search results for your branded terms? 

Answering these questions requires a deep dive into the data. App professionals must first understand their competitors' data, recognize how not to fall behind on trends, and learn how to stand out within app stores. Secondly, they need a deep understanding of their paid and organic keywords. After all, paid campaigns have a ripple effect that significantly impacts organic keyword rankings. 

With this combination of data and insights, app professionals can lower customer acquisition costs and make a bigger impact in the $240 billion mobile ad market. This is why we built Keyword Defense.

We’re happy to announce that Keyword Defense has graduated out of App Annie Labs and is now available in App Annie Intelligence as part of the Paid Search add-on package.

How Does Keyword Defense Work?

Let’s jump into App Annie Intelligence and walk through an example. 

Perhaps you want to monitor and potentially improve the keyword strategy for your banking app. With the Keyword Defense report, you can see how “safe” or “threatened” your keywords are.

In this example, it looks like 40% of your app’s top organic keywords are Safe (green portion): your app is organically optimized for these keywords and it has the highest Share of Voice. However, 30% of the top organic keywords are Critical (red portion): your app is not bidding on these keywords, but other apps are, so you should investigate them further.

So what are these Critical keywords? Simply sort by “Keyword Defense,” and look at each keyword, along with their Rank, Search Volume, Traffic Share, and Paid Keyword Share of Voice. 

You can also choose a specific keyword and see all the apps that are bidding on it, along with their Paid Keyword Share of Voice. 

From here, you can select specific apps (perhaps your competitors) to compare within a more focused report.

compare report keywords

Now you have the information to take both offensive and defensive action on your app’s keyword strategy.  

Haven’t upgraded your App Annie account yet? Get in touch with us today to unlock access to Keyword Defense, Paid Search, and much more.


October 27, 2020

Product Announcements

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