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New Year, New Product Names

Steven Rahman

App Annie continues our corporate rebrand with new product names launching January 15th, 2020 across the world's best mobile analytics platform.

Over the last year at App Annie, we have had hundreds of conversations with our customers. Some of those conversations revealed that we should rename some of our key products, capabilities, and features to better communicate the value they provide. 

App Annie is in the midst of our corporate rebranding. We are confident that our updates will help you grow, compete, and monetize your mobile presence. It is important to note that the name changes we are announcing will not affect the nature of the capabilities, products, or services that you have purchased from App Annie. 

You can look forward to seeing the following changes starting on January 15th. 

App Annie’s New Product Names

Web Journey (formerly Mobile Web) reveals the user journey from the mobile web browser to a mobile app. Web Journey demonstrates the interaction between web and app while also providing insight into how users behave in each channel. For customers who are curious about the full cycle of mobile behavior, Web Journey has the answer for you.

Download Channel (formerly Paid and Organic Downloads or “POD”) helps you understand how users discover apps prior to download. We can show you if paid advertising, organic searches, or an app store feature were the source of the download. Understanding the source of your downloads allows you to allocate marketing resources more efficiently. Learn more about Download Channel.

We’d love to hear from you. We encourage you to get in touch with your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager to discuss these updates in detail. In addition to this post, we are sending a physical letter announcing these changes to our customers presently using these products.

For prospective customers who want to see Web Journey or Download Channel in action, please contact sales to get more information or schedule a demo.

December 23, 2019

Product Announcements

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