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Understand how today’s hottest games acquire, retain and monetize users to learn how publishers big and small can succeed in a crowded app store.

Market Data

China Mobile Games: Insights on Going Global

In a joint report from Google and App Annie, we explored the growing movements from China-based publishers into new mobile gaming markets around the world — a deep-dive on differences in gaming preferences and unique competition across regions.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile Minute: Gamescom 2019 & The Next Wave of Global Mobile Gaming Monetization

Global mobile gaming reached $32.8 billion in consumer spend in H1 2019 and subscription gaming platforms are set to accelerate the next generation of mobile gaming monetization.

Market Data

Mobile Gaming Reached New Heights in Q2 2019

Mobile is turning the masses into gamers and setting records in downloads and consumer spend.

Mobile Gaming

Netmarble Goes Viral With BTS World

Netmarble invested over two years building a unique, quality game that’s topped global charts.

Mobile Gaming

The State of Mobile Games in 2019 and Beyond

This week marks the E3 Conference, the world's premier event for computer and video games and related products. Thousands of gamers will descend upon Los Angeles to discuss the state of gaming in 2019 and its bright future.

Mobile Gaming

Pokémon Sleep: Awakening Consumers to a New Type of Gamification

The Pokémon Company opened eyes this week when it announced its latest innovation: Pokémon Sleep.

App Monetization

Mobile Minute: Subscriptions - The Next Wave in Gaming Monetization

Following paid downloads, in-app purchases and in-app advertising, in-app subscriptions are set to expand the monetization potential of mobile gaming.

Mobile Gaming

No Longer Niche: How Gaming Is Revolutionizing Business

In just a few years, mobile gaming has grown dramatically. This rise has expanded beyond the gaming industry and now influences the entire mobile experience.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile Gaming in 2019 : Top Predictions from the Experts

App Annie’s mobile gaming analysts discuss what’s in store for 2019.