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Understand how today’s hottest games acquire, retain and monetize users to learn how publishers big and small can succeed in a crowded app store.

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Analysis from Flaregames — How to Effectively Predict Launch Week Installs on Mobile

Flaregames alumni, Abhimanyu Kumar and Victoria Tran, sat down with App Annie to discuss their recently published article on using data to predict launch downloads for games.

Customer Stories

An Interview With King — Using Mobile Data to Inspire Creativity Within a World Class Gaming Company

Ishai Smadja from King’s Experimentation team sat down with App Annie to discuss his recently published article on using data to model player preferences, and how this impacts creativity and long-term success within King’s game development teams.

Market Data

The Most Popular Games of All Time on Google Play

App Annie’s look back at the first 10 years of Google Play reveals the most popular games of all time

Mobile Gaming

Google Puts AR Gaming on the Map

The new Google Maps API will make Jurassic World Alive, Ghostbusters World and Walking Dead: Our World possible. This will be the start of an exciting period of experimentation for location-based games.

Mobile Gaming

PUBG Launches in China, Starts New Era in Mobile Gaming

Following PUBG’s mobile release in China, we take a look at the game’s background and why it’s going to be a big deal in mobile markets this year.

Mobile Gaming

Inside Japan’s Lucrative Mobile Games Market

We take a close look at the Japanese mobile gaming industry, where players are deeply engaged and unique monetization models drive massive revenue growth


Global App Gaming Focus: Top Takeaways From Casual Connect 2017

China gamers' incredible spending rate and more must-know insights from the mobile gaming conference

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China Headquartered Game Publishers Level Up on the World Stage

Mobile games by publishers based in China are topping the charts locally and internationally. See how these app publishers are making an impact across borders.

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Self-Publishing in Asia: Insights From Playrix

Learn how Russian publisher Playrix broke into the top 100 grossing ranks in Asia and entered into App Annie’s Top 52.