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Read App Annie’s perspective on how mobile is impacting current events and consumer trends. Check in weekly for our take on the latest news cycles and how mobile transformation is shaping industries around the world.

Mobile Minute

Mobile Minute: Increased Usage Shakes Up Video Streaming Market

As ongoing coronavirus quarantines accelerate growth in mobile entertainment, video streaming platforms continue to benefit — including HBO with their latest launch, HBO Max

Mobile Minute

Mobile Minute: Dating Apps Expand Capabilities in Response to COVID-19

As in-person dating wanes, apps introduce new offerings to appeal to at-home dating

Mobile Minute

Mobile Minute: Apps Get Flexible to Meet Timely Consumer Demands

Uber Eats leads global Food and Drink competition as more apps consider new services and business models to gain market share.

Mobile Minute

Mobile Minute: Global Classrooms Rely on Education Apps As Remote Learning Accelerates

As educators seek new tools, education apps provide a mobile-first approach to learning during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile Minute: Social Distancing Accelerates Multiplayer Mobile Gaming

As people look to stay entertained and connected with friends while social distancing, multiplayer mobile games are in high demand amidst record mobile game downloads.

Mobile Minute

Mobile Minute: News Coverage Takes New Routes Amid Global Coronavirus Pandemic

As regions continue to quarantine in place, news providers are finding new routes and channels to relay information

Mobile Minute

Mobile Minute: Food Delivery Apps See Spikes Amid Global Coronavirus Quarantines

As consumers stockpile and adapt social distancing, grocery and food delivery apps such as Instacart, Shipt, Amazon Prime Now and Publix Delivery accelerate in downloads.

Mobile Minute

Mobile Minute: The Battle for Breakfast Goes Mobile

Are subscriptions the answer to breakfast loyalty? Panera’s recent unlimited coffee subscription service drives 35% increase in weekly app downloads.

Mobile Minute

Mobile Minute: Women in the C-Suite Driving the Biggest Mobile Brands

Women leadership is accelerating growth in top mobile sectors including video streaming, social media, dating and gaming.