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Mobile App Strategy

Develop an impactful mobile app strategy that drives new users and revenue. Discover what it takes to move your digital business forward by learning about top mobile app marketing tactics, industry metrics and successful acquisition campaigns.

Mobile App Strategy

App Annie CEO: The Most Successful Consumer Companies are Reinventing Their Business Around Apps

In an interview with CEO Forum, Bertrand Schmitt shares his perspective on how companies are transforming in the face of mobile

Mobile App Strategy

Retailers: Why Data Should Drive Your Mobile Strategy

Mobile shopping is poised to have its biggest year ever. To capitalize on this trend, retailers need to be equipped with mobile data.

Mobile App Strategy

App Advantages Over Mobile Browsers: The Loyalty Factor

Apps offer a highly targeted channel for businesses to build customer loyalty

Mobile App Strategy

App Annie CEO: Don’t Be Afraid to Take Your Business Global

In a new video interview, Bertrand Schmitt delves into what it takes to grow a forward-leaning business quickly

App Store Optimization

What the iOS 11 App Store Redesign Means for Publishers

A new look and increased emphasis on discoverability means you should up your game when it comes to your app’s creative assets

Mobile App Strategy

App Marketers on the Trends and Metrics that Matter

We surveyed over 800 app marketers to get an on-the-ground look at where the app economy is, and where it’s headed

Mobile App Strategy

Why Your Mobile Strategy Needs an App

Mobile web alone isn’t enough, you need apps to drive deep engagement

Mobile App Strategy

Apple Keynote 2017, Mobile Focus: Device Updates and Big Picture Thinking

A new bar set for brick and mortar, Apple Watch gets fitter, and AR gets a punch in the arm.

Mobile App Strategy

Webinar: App Marketing Strategies You Need for More Downloads

Looking for expert insights to ignite your User Acquisition efforts? Attend our webinar - scroll to the bottom of the page to register.