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How to Build a Winning Gen Z Strategy on Mobile

As one of the youngest generations, Gen Z now amounts to a third of the world’s population, surpassing millennials as the largest generation. If you want to reach Gen Z, you need to do it where they spend their time — on mobile.

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How COVID-19 Has Changed Consumer Behavior on Mobile Forever

The coronavirus has advanced mobile usage by 2 to 3 years — accelerating our transition to a mobile-first world.

Mobile App Strategy

The Comprehensive Playbook for Mobile Product Managers

Achieve your goal of building and optimizing your roadmap faster. Download our Mobile Product Manager Playbook to gain all the insights needed to drive ROI.

Mobile App User Acquisition

10 Actions Marketers Need to Take Today To Win On Mobile

Mobile Marketing is more important than ever before. We’ll take you through the 10 actions you can take today to succeed on mobile.

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The State of Mobile in 2020: The Key Stats You Need to Know

Mobile is poised to set new records in 2020. Our latest infographic covers the key stats you need to know.

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The State of Mobile in 2020: How to Win on Mobile

2019 shattered mobile records. Read the industry’s leading report on the State of Mobile in 2020 to uncover the insights you need to succeed.

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The State of Mobile in 2020: Top App and Company Rankings

Check out the top app, game and company rankings by downloads, active users and consumer spend in 2019.


How To Win Gen Z on Mobile

Gen Z is set to surpass millennials as the largest generation by the end of 2019, which represents a massive opportunity that every business should be focused on today — before it’s too late.

App Store Optimization

Introducing: App Store Optimization: The Definitive Playbook

The mobile market is one of the most competitive spaces in the world. To stand out from the crowd, mobile apps need a comprehensive App Store Optimization strategy.