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App Store Optimization

Introducing: The Ultimate Mobile Marketing Playbook

The mobile market is one of the most competitive spaces in the world and is constantly evolving.

Mobile Gaming

No Longer Niche: How Gaming Is Revolutionizing Business

In just a few years, mobile gaming has grown dramatically. This rise has expanded beyond the gaming industry and now influences the entire mobile experience.

Mobile App Strategy

App Annie's Guide to a Winning Mobile Strategy

Mobile is the primary channel of your customers — allowing them to connect anywhere, at any time — and should be the cornerstone of every business’ strategy.

Market Data

Mobile Gaming Is In a League of Its Own: Gaming Spotlight 2018 Review

We’ve partnered with IDC to deliver a detailed analysis of mobile’s increasingly central place in the gaming industry

Market Data

How Mobile Is Transforming Our Travel Experience

Mobile apps — from airlines to ride-sharing to booking sites — are playing an increasingly vital role in our entire travel experience. And they’re just getting started.

Market Data

Mobile: The Linchpin to the Future of Retail

Retail apps saw record numbers of time spent in 2018, and mobile was critical to driving growth and enhancing the customer experience in physical stores in 2019.

Market Data

From ‘Roma’ to YouTube Stars, Video Streaming is King on Mobile

2018 was a massive year for video streaming on mobile. 2019 promises to be even more monumental.

Market Data

Gen Z: Redefining the Mobile World Order

Gen Z interacts entirely differently with people and businesses than older demographic groups. The question remains — will this shape the future of commerce?

Market Data

Dating Apps Carve Into Share of Wallet on Valentine’s Day

Mobile dramatically altered the dating landscape, becoming the go-to platform for matchmaking around the world. So what’s the next move for dating apps?