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Mobile App Strategy

Lessons Learned From Mobile Retail’s Big Global Players

A great app experience, aggressiveness and creativity are what it takes to make a retail app a worldwide sensation

Mobile Gaming

Inside Japan’s Lucrative Mobile Games Market

We take a close look at the Japanese mobile gaming industry, where players are deeply engaged and unique monetization models drive massive revenue growth

Mobile App Strategy

Retailers: Why Data Should Drive Your Mobile Strategy

Mobile shopping is poised to have its biggest year ever. To capitalize on this trend, retailers need to be equipped with mobile data.

Mobile App Strategy

App Marketers on the Trends and Metrics that Matter

We surveyed over 800 app marketers to get an on-the-ground look at where the app economy is, and where it’s headed

Mobile App Strategy

Why Your Mobile Strategy Needs an App

Mobile web alone isn’t enough, you need apps to drive deep engagement

Product Announcements

App Annie Launches China Android Metrics, Reveals Top Chinese Apps

We’re excited to now offer rare data visibility into the world’s largest mobile app economy, beginning with these major insights


Video Streaming Apps: The Real Emmy Winners

As the world celebrates the best of TV we celebrate how video streaming apps have transformed television for millions of people.

Market Data

Report: Half of Video Views on Mobile Come From Asia-Pacific

Emerging markets fuel momentum for video streaming apps while diverse monetization models make content widely accessible

Market Data

Today's Trillion Dollar App Economy is Only the Beginning

Around the world, app markets show no sign of slowing down, a sign of good things to come for both emerging and mature app economies